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Thrive Through the Holidays!

By Pastor Todd DuBord, Mt. Lassen Community Church For the decade I worked as the Chaplain for Chuck Norris, I had a variety of duties.  I traveled with him to war zones in the Middle East and wounded warrior hospitals around the planet to encourage U.S. troops. I also assisted him in his research for his two syndicated columns: a culture warrior column and his C-Force health & fitness column. Every year around this time, a barrage of research material would come out about “How to Survive the Holidays.” Much of it was literary fill and fluff, but some...

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Dirt-Redding Drag Strip

    By Christy Milan The smell of burning rubber, the sound of tires squealing on pavements and the exhalation of the crowd as the car shoots down the track. Welcome to the oldest NHRA sanctioned drag strip in the United States, the Redding Drag Strip. Here the motto is “Race the strip, not the street.” The history of the drag strip begins in about 1948. Locals  wanted a place to drag race their cars. Roger Whipp and other locals also wanted to be legal in doing so. They searched out places that would be ideal for a track....

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Bug Wild- Mosquito Eaters

A few years back, some buddies of mine, and I, were relaxing in one of the guy’s backyard. It was a late warm summer afternoon with next to nothing of a breeze. We were just discussing the kind of stuff of life that not so young guys talk about, when one of the guys asked, “What are all those big spindly bugs flying all around here in your back yard.” The guy whose back yard it was said, “Well, don’t you know? Those are Mosquito Eaters.” There were dozens of them just flying nonstop up and down, and around...

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