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Remembering Pearl Harbor 75 Years Ago- December 7, 1941

By Eileen Majors 75 Years Ago- December 7, 1941 It was early December, 1941 and the Navy was on high alert.  The USS Arizona was one of 145 Navy and Coast Guard vessels positioned at or in the waters near Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. The Battleship USS Pennsylvania was one of them, and my dad, Henry Jacob Heinz was on that ship which was in dry-dock at the time. On December 6th (he told me) there was a big party and with the help of the ships’ bands, music and fun was enjoyed by all, perhaps leaving some a bit...

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A Tangy Vinegar Story

Benefits Of Apple Cider Vinegar By Christy Milan        The smell of vinegar is sometimes too potent for many. It is a very distinct and rather strong odor.  This strong substance can be used for cleaning, pet care, health and even in the garden.  Variations of vinegars include white, malt, wine, fruit, balsamic, rice, coconut, cane, raisin, date, beer, honey, east Asian black, flavored vinegar and apple cider vinegar. Each one is used for different purposes. White vinegar is used to clean. While, Apple Cider vinegar is used for medicinal purposes. The other vinegars are usually for...

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The Appealing Apple

Photos, Recipes and Article By Christi Milan       The arrival of autumn evokes the memories of cozy fires, cool nights, falling leaves and the wonderful scents of the season. Swirling in the air are fragrances of cinnamon, all-spice and cloves. Autumn’s crop of fruits and vegetables offers a variety of flavors. Some of autumn’s delights are cranberries, squash, persimmons, pomegranates and apples. I believe nothing says autumn like apples. Apples are used to make a variety of great tasting beverages. One apple beverage that most people are familiar with is apple cider. Apple Cider can be heated and...

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Bridging the Generation Gap

As technology has launched us into the industrial age, fewer families care for the elderly and disabled in their homes and more opt for professional long term care in a skilled nursing facility. As a result, many of these aging and challenged members of society have spent much of the last few decades out of the public eye. I provide in home care for two elderly women and have noticed that many people seem uncomfortable in their presence, especially children. It has occurred to me that many children have never spent the day with someone who is in a...

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Redding Stroke Survivor Shares Her Story To Help Others

Redding Stroke Survivor Shares Her Story To Help Others Photo Courtesy Mercy Medical Center, Redding Local stroke survivor Ruth Wolfe got to share her inspiring story on NBC’s Today Show, which aired on May 21, 2015. The story of Ruth’s unexpected stroke and recovery has gained national attention. The story is being retold to inspire others to learn the symptoms of stroke and act quickly when in doubt. Knowing the symptoms of stroke, acting fast, and receiving prompt medical attention saved Ruth’s life. Ruth never considered herself at risk for a stroke. Like many women, Ruth balances a career...

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