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By Dr. Michael Herndon, DDS, AF Early symptoms of many systemic diseases manifest themselves in the oral cavity months or even years before their detection through various medical tests. Many conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, low-birth-weight complications in pregnancy and pulmonary disease have been linked to periodontal disease. Lately, a link between periodontal disease and cancer has been suggested through several studies. Chronic inflammation has been the rationale behind the association look at specific types of cancers and gum disease. Cancers that have been...

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Saving Lives, One Mammogram At A Time

Before mammography, one-half of breast cancer patients died from the disease.  Now the 5-year survival rate is 99%, when breast cancer is detected early before it has spread.  Mammography was recommended as a screening tool in 1976 by the American Cancer Society and has been shown to markedly reduce the number of deaths from breast cancer.  Analysis of the 2014 data from the National Cancer Institute shows that there has been a 38% drop in deaths from breast cancer since 1990. This amounts to 274,765 breast cancer deaths averted since 1990! This is largely attributed to the increased use of...

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By Dr. Michael Herndon, DDS, AF We all want to have a nice clean smile and the food and drinks in our diet contribute to whether we have healthy, white or yellow-colored teeth with possible tooth decay. As you have heard before, we are what we eat. As for snacks, crunchy fiber-rich vegetables such as carrots, celery, etc. are way better than starchy chips or crackers and sugary snacks are especially harmful. Indeed, it appears that emerging science recommends not worrying about fat so much or counting calories, but to cut out the sugary snacks and carbohydrates. This not only helps with...

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Pick & Choose Your Produce- places you can pick

By Melissa Wynn The farm-to-fork movement has inspired many of us to get to know our local farmers and see where and who grows our produce. Not only can you gain this comforting knowledge around the valley, several of the local farmers will even let you come for a visit to actually pick the produce yourself. Johnson U-Pick Farm is one such favorite, located at 113 Higgins Avenue between Gridley and Live Oak and welcomes guests Wednesdays and Saturdays from 8am-3pm. Owner Mark Johnson encourages patrons to call +1.530.846.5871 anytime with questions, to get directions, or to request large...

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By Dr. Michael Herndon, DDS, AF Our Apologies, In our last edition, we accidentally cut part of the words at the beginning of Dr. Herndon’s article. We regret any inconvenience this may have caused Dr. Herndon or our readers. The corrected version can be found at Well, I don’t mean to imply that there is a connection between gum disease and music, but these are two subjects for this article. I do suppose that both of these issues, the treatment of gum disease and the recording of music, are definitely art forms so perhaps there is a connection after all… In order for...

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Crazy for Coconuts

By Christy Milan Warm breezes, sandy beaches and the salty sea; these are the things I think of when I smell the scent of coconut. I love the smell and the benefits it gives me too. It seems that lately coconut everything can be found lining the store shelves. Coconut water, flour, oil and protein powders have flooded the market since the health food industry began marketing it. This led to big companies putting these healthy ingredients into their products. By now everyone thinks it’s just a hype to sell things and there will be another product in a few months that totes the claim it works...

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Know Your Farmer

By Melissa Wynn The farm to fork movement has inspired many of us to take a good hard look at what we eat and where our food comes from. Gardens are popping up in back yards in record numbers and community gardens are the wave of the future, providing healthy, organic produce that is grown locally, while bringing neighbors together for a common goal. From the White House to the school yard produce bearing plants are replacing decorative greenery and providing fresh fruits and veggies to local residents and food banks. The health conscientious NorCal resident of 2017 wants to know their...

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Yoga Can Benefit Your Adventures

By Christy Milan The mountains and streams call out for you to come and search out your adventure. The streams beckon to the fishermen and the waters entice swimmers and boaters. The valley hosts events and festivals, while the mountains entice you to explore. There are many activities to enjoy here in Northern California. However, at times the spirit is willing but the body may question your decision to hike the trail, go fishing or enjoy the many other activities this area has to offer. So how do you help your body get back to its vitality? Try yoga! Yoga to some may seem a little new age...

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4 Tasty & Nutritious Smoothies

  By Christy Milan In the North State, we have wonderful farmer’s markets that supply many fruits and vegetables. This gives locals and visitors alike a chance to taste what a real strawberry or tomato should taste like. It also provides the opportunity to create some healthy and tasty treats using fresh ingredients right here in Northern California. One of the many ways to enjoy this harvest is by blending up a smoothie. The color of smoothies can vary by ingredients added and sometimes they may look unappealing. Looks are deceiving and sometimes you may miss out on taste and nutrition...

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5 Power-Packed Produce Picks in the Produce Aisle

By Eileen Majors For many, it’s easy to overlook some things, like the super powers of produce. After spending a few hours researching the benefits of these colorful creations, I am absolutely craving them constantly. Just like Mom used to say, “Eat your vegetables!” Mix ‘em up; the more colors, the better. Sweet Potatoes We went to the North Carolina SweetPotato Commission for the goods on this colorful veggie. A medium sweet potato with skin has over four times the recommended intake of Vitamin A, which helps with vision, bone development and immune function. Also a good source of vitamin...

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7 Ways to Fight Inflammation

By Christy Milan According to, Acidifying Foods and Inflammation, nutritional research has developed a theory that separates foods into three groups. These three groups are weak acid, alkalinizing and acidifying. The foods go into a category depending how they affect the body. By the recent research posted on, it seems that the general thought is that acidic foods and some alkaline can cause the body to produce acid which in turn leads to inflammation. Inflammation in the body is a healthy response to trauma and is beneficial to healing....

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New Technology in Dentistry

By Dr. Michael Herndon, DDS, AF How many recall the days when dental drills were run by small string cables over pulleys? We sure have come a long way since those times! When air driven drills running at over 300 thousand rpm came along it was considered a marvel and yet today we have electric drills that go only 40 thousand rpm but have very high torque, don’t squeal like the air ones did, are easier on the ears, and they work much more efficiently. Now we have digital x-rays, computers that we can use to design crowns, and milling machines to mill them in one appointment with high...

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