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Fishing Fun In and Around Lake Almanor

By Bob Kopernik, Lucky Grady Fishing Guide Service If you are new to this area and are interested in drowning a few worms or crickets in hopes of having Fish Tacos for dinner, do yourself a favor and purchase a detailed geographical map of the area. I like the Northern California DeLorme Atlas & Gazetteer Map book because it shows most all of the lakes, streams, campgrounds and the roads to get you there.  Another good resource is the California Department of Fish and Wildlife website, to see where and when they last planted fish into the place that you are thinking about fishing.  You...

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Businesses Welcomed in the Small Town of Westwood

Westwood’s business community is well supported by the townspeople. The welcoming streets are named alphabetically by the names of trees. Streets are lined with old wooden homes, reminiscent of its early lumber days’ history. Retail businesses include three convenience stores, two with fuels, Lassen True Value hardware store, Now and Then thrift shop and Old Town Mercantile, an artists’ collective/Shabby Chic home furnishings & decor store which has been moving and expanding for its new early April Grand Re-opening. The town recently lost its grocery store, due to retirement, as was the...

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Tank On Mastering The Water

By Tank It was almost exactly two years ago when I stepped out of that rescue to meet my new parents and Ellie, the first of many kids I would meet in this crazy new family of mine. I was still scared though. When they came to get me, I was pretty upset already. I hadn’t been eating so they let me sit in the office with the girls all day at the rescue and eat chicken. That’s how upset I was. That ride home from the shelter was a long one; I held tightly onto Ellie for the whole ride, all 56 boney pounds of me, right on her lap. Our first stop out of the truck was Lake Almanor. There I would...

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Welcome to Lake Almanor In The Fall

Welcome to Lake Almanor In The Fall By Eileen Majors Quieter Days at Almanor A memory of Lake Almanor for your family may look like an old fashioned Main Street parade, fireworks over the lake and lots of people. Relax as we welcome you to Lake Almanor in the Fall, a whole different story; we call it quieter days at Almanor. Usually resorts will still have room to book your fabulous fall getaway or even a grand fall wedding or other special event. The beauty of the lake takes on the stillness of fall, most days, that is. Never count on the weather in the mountains though. Bring that...

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Pro Golfer Visits Westwood

Pro Golfer Visits Westwood by E. Majors In the area with his dad, Pro Golfer Phil Mickelson visited Westwood recently. Phil Michelson, Sr. attended school in Westwood and graduated in Chester. When their family arrived at the museum, Sheri Binswanger immediately called Terry Ferguson, a fellow board member for the Westwood Museum. He went to school with Mickelson, Sr. and the two had fun sharing old times. The Mickelson family also visited Buffalo Chips Pizza, where he may have gone unnoticed. The staff that was on duty enjoyed his visit and his compliments so much, they made a point to...

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Sharing The Experience: Junior Duck Hunt

Sharing The Experience: Junior Duck Hunt By Molly Barber Photos By Jeff Barber & Ronnie Theobald I come from a family of people who truly love the outdoors. Hunting and fishing were multigenerational activities along with most other outdoor recreation. Hunting isn’t something I got into but growing up with a grandfather, father, uncle, and brother who loved it, I participated in my own way. I remember riding on quads or in trucks looking for deer, walking countless miles with them while they chucker hunted, and camping with them before opening days. I loved using and calibrating...

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Ceanothus Silk Moth: A Beautiful Moth From A Color Changing Caterpillar.

Ceanothus Silk Moth: A Beautiful Moth From A Color Changing Caterpillar. By Melissa Wynn Moth Photos by Jim Moore, Entomologist Caterpillar Photos Courtesy of On a warm Spring morning as I reached to unlock the door of our Westwood office I saw a big beautiful, fuzzy moth basking in a ray of sun on the wall beside the door. I was so intrigued by it’s fiery orange head and the Nike swish pattern on her wings that I just had to find out what she was. I carefully captured my incidental treasure in a large plastic storage container and rushed it to the home of our local...

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Wandering our local Caribou Wilderness to Jewel Lake

Wandering our local Caribou Wilderness to Jewel Lake By Mara Dobyns Photos by Jessica Compton and Mara Dobyns “Into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul.” It is unknown who originally said this but anyone that has truly been at one with the wilderness has felt it. For me it’s when I’m hiking. That moment when the birds are singing, the trees are dancing, your shoes hitting the dirt, the sound of your heart in your ear, beads of sweat dripping, they all connect and form some kind of beautiful song. And while you’re not actually singing along you are a part of everything around...

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Eagle Lake & Lake Almanor Fall Fishing’s on its Way!

By Dave Huhtala, Owner The Elegant Iris and The Men’s Den It’s been a long hot summer but fall is on its way. Eagle Lake fishing should start picking up. Low water again for this year. Well I  like to get out there around the end of September and early October with my jigs. First legal light and work the water with white, brown,  turkey, and olive colored Marabou Jigs. Don’t forget about the little white Paddle Bugs or small white Gitz Its. At this time of year the minnows are balling up around the shore line. If you find them you will have a blast with that bugfree 4-6 lb test line. Again...

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