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Love Will Find A Way- Our Interview With Michael Franti

By Molly Barber Photos by Molly Barber & Luke Udsen Music is medicine. It does wonders for my spirit to find good music. Lyrics that I believe in wholeheartedly as I sing along, a beat that I can’t help but move to, and a sound that heals and rejuvenates my soul. This kind of music inspires, empowers, and motivates me. But, more than that, I think, it gives me hope. Hope in what? Everything and anything. It’s a magical medicine that I don’t want to imagine living without and recently I had the honor of interviewing one of my favorite “medicine men”- Michael Franti. Michael Franti and...

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Life In Technicolor with Lapidary Artist Quinn Street

By Molly Barber Photos by Molly and Quinn “Great Art Picks Up Where Nature Ends” Marc Chagall There is always a deep reverence that stirs within me as I learn about artists. It’s borderline magical to watch someone completely in-tune with their craft; to see their passion and spirit mixed in with the art they create. There is an unseen bond and deep respect between an artist and their medium. This was brought to my attention today as I listened to the interview and reviewed the photos I took with lapidary Quinn Street. I met with Quinn a couple of days ago. The plan was to do the interview,...

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Only The Wild Ones… Our exclusive Interview with Dispatch

By Molly Barber Photos by Molly Barber, Allen Ralph, and Joshua D. Huver of Must Have Media Dispatch. I can remember the first time I was introduced to Dispatch. It was a burned CD given to me by my cousin Neil. It was a mix of their songs, some live, some from their albums and it was amazing. It was so unlike anything I’d ever heard before. And that’s it, I was hooked. I learned every song they’d sung. I committed every lyric to memory. They didn’t just write catchy, up-lifting music, the lyrics spoke volumes to me, words that resonated in my soul. It was a culture that I didn’t know I was...

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Behind The Music-Kongos

By Molly Barber Photos By Molly & Courtsey of Kongos It’s kind of a rock n’roll rule that bands with an accordion are not too cool, I mean when was the last time you rocked out to an accordion? Well, Kongos are the exception to that rule. The band that consists of siblings Jesse (vocals, drums), Johnny (vocals, accordion, keyboard), Dylan (vocals, bass, guitar), and Danny Kongos (vocals, guitar, bass) definitely know how to rock. The brothers musical inspiration might be attributed to their father John Kongos who was a popular singer/songwriter in South Africa and the U.K. through the...

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Meet The Artist- Dan Forschler & His Army Of Bears

By Molly Barber This is the story of a Bear-Naked carver, his grandfather, Stumpy-the nine fingered man, Eagles, Medusa, and an army of wooden bears. The turn of this century is where our story begins, when a young Dan Forschler was working with his grandfather out in the woods. “I was about 17 years old; my grandfather asked me, ‘Do you want to go to college or do you want to work?’ and I told him I’d rather work, so he took me over to the coast. He’s got the Legend of Bigfoot– the gift shop in Garberville and he did burrow work and stuff like that. When I went over there, he showed...

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Diego’s Umbrella Ambassadors Of Gypsy Rock

By Molly Barber Photos by Molly & Courtesy of Vaughn Lindstrom Our story begins in California, with an arm. Not just any arm but the arm of a man who was becoming increasingly more annoyed with his housemates. After sitting through months and months of them trying to come up with a name for their band, he couldn’t take it anymore. “You guys just need to shut up. Call yourself…” It was at this point he looked down and randomly pointed to a tattoo he had on his arm- it was a Diego Rivera tattoo where Diego paints himself as a child holding an umbrella. “Literally call yourself whatever,...

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No Room For Fear In The Art Of Anneke Meinhardt

By Molly Barber “It isn’t the mind that creates beautiful work, it’s the soul…” -Joe Duncan True art evokes something inside of us. It resonates in the soul and fuses itself into our being. We don’t just see or hear art, we feel it. The first time I experienced this kind of emotion with art, I wasn’t actually the one feeling it. My professor, for my media criticism class, was from Genova, Italy and she showed us the painting “Annunciation” by Antonello da Messina. This is a painting of Mary being told by the angel that she was with child. We studied the painting but it wasn’t until she...

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Jake Early Finds The Perfect Place

By Molly Barber Sometimes our lives seem to work like a classic James Joyce novel. We might not realize when the circle begins but more than likely we feel that familiar déjå vu tingling as the circle is coming to an end. And in that “Aha” moment we see and understand the twists and turns that seem to have brought us full-circle to this special understanding. Jake Early witnessed his circle coming into fruition as his passion for creating serigraphs grew from hobby to career. Jake is a Chico native but that’s not where this circle begins. We have to go back a little further than Jake, back...

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Rodeos, Reins and Ropes

By Christy Milan COTTONWOOD: May 13-14, 2017 •  Cowboys and cowgirls will blaze a trail to Cottonwood California to celebrate the 55th annual Cottonwood Rodeo.  Held annually every year on Mother’s Day weekend, the residents of Cottonwood celebrate the cowboy & (cowgirl) with various activities. The kick off BBQ to start the rodeo week takes place with plenty of tasty cowboy BBQ.  Other events include Ladies Nite Out, on Wednesday, the Friday evening Kiddie Parade, Saturday main rodeo parade and the main event, the rodeo on both days. This year the theme...

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The Story Behind the Carved Tree In Susanville

Driving around Susanville, we noticed an interesting tree carved into a scene. Our Digital Marketing Director (and photographer) Jaime insisted we stop and have a look. We hollered to the upstairs porch and asked if we could take some pictures. We were welcomed by Judy McInnis, husband Manny and son Marvin. Judy told us how she remembered her momma planting that tree when she was a little girl. Eventually it grew so big, its arms reached over the road and one arm fell. She knew it had grown unsafe, yet could not imaging getting rid of the tree. It was decided they would have to cut it down,...

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Wedding Venues In Northern California

By Mara Dobyns If you’re like most girls you’ve probably been day dreaming up your wedding since you were a little girl, playing house with your dolls, marrying off your Barbie’s and Princesses, or even just imagining what your dress would look like, these things were all a part of it. Or even if you’re not like most girls maybe you’ve simply always pictured a wedding outdoors. Either way we’ve got you covered. Here is a list of some of favorite wedding venues here in our beautiful neck of the woods in Northern California. Think Outside The Box Or In This Case Outside The Venue “Today’s...

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Spring Antiquing In Northern California

As Spring returns to NorCal it is time once again to visit the antique shows, shops and markets in search of that perfect something to spruce up your space for the season. April and May bring some of our favorite annual events where several vendors collaborate to offer the best of the best from miles around. Whether you are an antiquing novice or a dealer wishing to participate these gatherings are an excellent way to see what’s happening in the market this year. The fun begins April 7 & 8 at the Roses and Rust Vintage Market in Anderson. Every year friends, neighbors and visitors from...

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