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Autumn Gold

  It’s Autumn and leaves are turning that golden color again. The mountain valleys are coming alive with gold, yellow and orange–enough to cause pause and remember back to the old days when, along with the turning of the leaves, there were also sounds of picks and shovels and men were looking for that other golden color–the precious metal kind. But wait! Those times are not from yesteryear! They’re from just yesterday! People are once again flocking to the mountains in search of that elusive golden metal. With the price of gold hovering around $1,300-per-ounce, it makes perfect sense...

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The Right to Mine

The Right to Mine By Charles Watson Chief Geologist, Advanced Geologic There’s considerable confusion about mining laws today, and even a question if people are still allowed to prospect for gold. The confusion is paramount in California and Oregon, yet is multi-state prolific across the western states. Many question come to mind for the average weekend warrior and miner. What can they do? Where can they go? When can they do it? How much will it cost? Do they need permits? Understandingly, mining tends to cause surface disturbance and with many concerns about environmental impacts, there is a long...

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20-20 Gold Vision

The dog barked and splashed in the water next to the 49er as he was cleaning out his sluicebox. He could see some choice nuggets in the riffles and as he reached in to pick up a good-sized chunk, his dog bumped his arm sending it back into the stream. The miner was about to curse his best friend when he spotted something glistening under the water next to his fallen gold nugget. His eyes were not the best at his ripe old age of 38 but there was no mistaking this observation. He carefully reached into the water,...

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Coin Pays Reverence to Westwood’s History

Coin Pays Reverence to Westwood’s History You don’t need to live in Westwood to know it’s a special place. From it’s creation it seems the town has been something of awe. The Red River Lumber and Fruit Grower’s Supply Company, prior industries of Westwood, seem to be all woven into the history and the hard work it was built by, that is engrained into the core of the community. With a history like that, it’s no wonder people are proud of this town’s heritage. Tom Ferguson has designed a silver coin that pays homage to the town during that...

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Before You Pan For Gold

Since the dawn of time men have been driven to search the Earth for gold. Combing the hillsides and creek beds for this precious yellow metal is a fun and rewarding pastime for kids of all ages that are willing to do the work. Step one in prospecting is research. Before you even purchase a gold pan there are important things you need to know. First and foremost, find out where it is legal to pan for gold in your area. Even on public lands, many areas have established claims where the mineral rights are solely owned by individuals....

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