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Lassen County Pups On Parole

     Since June of 2007 stray dogs in need of homes from Lassen County have been getting a second chance to find their forever family. All of these canines seeking companionship spend time in the Lassen County Animal Shelter waiting to be adopted to no avail. Many have waited so long that they are, reluctantly considered for euthanasia before entering the compassionate program known as Pups On Parole(POP).    Pups On Parole gives these dogs a boost by making them more adoptable. Each pooch is spayed or neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and tested for deadly heart worms covering all...

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Tank’s Feelin’ Kinda Wild

     Ok, I know, I see it on the TV all the time; don’t feed your dog grains and corn, (blah, blah, blah, blah, blah). So then Mom is always going into Treats at Milwood in Susanville or on the Lake Almanor Peninsula, and  Lassen  True  Value  in  Westwood,  where they gave her a sample of new food for me. Okay, can I just say that Mom’s research on healthy dogs has already taken away my ice cream and cookie privileges, caused me to get a new shot every year, and now I get my nails trimmed!! What’s...

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An Unlikely Predator And It’s Predator Prey

By Jim Moore, Entomologist In 1978 the North American continent was invaded by an unwelcome, and invasive species of wasp, the European Paper Wasp, species Polistes dominula.  Within twenty years this wasp had colonized many areas of temperate North America. This wasp feeds itself, and its larvae, on a variety of insects, especially the caterpillars of butterflies and moths. Ecological concerns range from displacement of related native paper wasp species;  damage to certain fruit crops; and increased predation on butterfly caterpillars, including endangered species. Its rapid spread appears to be due to a number of factors: the lack of...

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American Kestrel

Article and Photos by Jan Ramelli, Wildlife Photographer      My favorite bird, the American Kestrel!  The Kestrel is the smallest falcon in North America.        The male and the female are close in size with the female being slightly larger.  The biggest difference is in the plumage.  The male has blue-grey wings with black spots and white undersides with black barring.  The female has dark brown barring, with the undersides being a cream color with heavy brown streaking.  They both have a white head with a bluish-grey top.     The Kestrel lifespan is relatively short, they typically...

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Wolf Update Lassen Pack

  By Melissa Wynn Photo courtesy of CDFW On December 28, 2011 the now famous gray wolf known as OR7 crossed the Oregon border into California, making him the first confirmed wild wolf in the state since 1924. Five and a half years later DNA testing confirmed one of his male descendants to be the alpha male of his own growing family in Lassen County. Dubbed the Lassen Pack this male and his mate produced four known pups, three shown here were captured on a California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) trail camera on June 30, 2017. The...

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