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Meet the Artist – Roxanne Valladao

Roxanne Valladao by Jan Cox It was a real pleasure to visit with Roxanne Valladao, Executive Director of Plumas Arts at the gallery in Quincy, CA.  Having worked for Plumas Arts for 25 of its 30 year existence, she has definitely been a prime mover in the establishment of the arts in Plumas County. Valladao considers Plumas Arts to be her main creative work.  This association supports arts in all areas of the county, often in partnership with other groups such as schools, tourism, and community functions.  She sees this organization as fueling the energy needed to redefine Plumas County through arts, culture and community. An artist herself, she has been a photographer since the mid 70’s, working with black and white darkroom techniques.  She continues to teach these techniques at Feather River College and will be offering a fall class.  Roxanne claims she couldn’t draw and so took up photography using infrared and manipulation of the photos creating an archival art form.  Her joy is using her artist’s eye to photograph people in a way that shows the true depths of the person. In this digital age, she too has taken up this newer form of photography and calls herself a “point and shoot photographer with dark room experience and a good eye.” Last year she and Keith Linford presented a show she considered much fun, creating predominantly...

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Fruit Salad Pineapple Bowls

Fruit Salad Pineapple Bowls This is so much fun! Cut pineapple in half lengthwise. Remove pineapple, slice, and combine with fruit of your choice. Some suggestions- grapes, strawberries, kiwi, banana, cantaloupe, watermelon, honeydew melon, peaches… Place fruit pieces into hollowed out pineapple. You can also top the fruit bowl with your favorite nuts and have a side of plain yogurt for...

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Simple Shrimp or Chicken Salad

Simple Shrimp or Chicken Salad Ingredients: 1 Head Lettuce 1/2 C. Almonds- Slivered 1 Tbs. Sesame Seeds 1 Pkg Instant Noodles-Uncooked & Crumbled 2 Tbs. Olive Oil 2 Green Onions- Chopped 1 Pound Cooked & Drained Baby Shrimp or Cooked Boneless Chicken Cubes 1/2 C. White Wine Vinegar 1/2 C. Canola Oil (or other healthy oil) 4 Tbs. White Sugar Salt & Pepper To Taste Directions: Shred lettuce into bite size pieces. Add green onions.  Set aside. Saute’ slivered almonds, sesame seeds and noodles in olive oil until lightly brown- be careful not to burn. Set aside. Salad dressing:...

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American Bison

By Melissa Wynn               Few animals are as regal to behold as the great American Bison, also commonly referred to as the buffalo. Standing five to six and a half feet tall at the shoulder and weighing in at up to a ton leaves these fuzzy boulders with legs unrivaled in size and power.  This largest of all land mammal once wandered the Great Plains and much of North America in herds numbering in the millions. It must have been truly amazing to have lived in that age when these bovine beasts carpeted...

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Smart’s Wagon Train Coffee Shop +1530.587.7574

Smart’s Wagon Train Coffee Shop By Melissa Wynn After a peaceful nights rest atThe Truckee Hotel, General Manager Tim Tonachella suggested we try breakfast at Smart’s Coffee Shop, 10080 Donner Pass Road. He said it was his personal favorite and I soon discovered why. Dining at this unusual establishment is part extraordinary down home cookin’, part comedy sideshow and part mountain history museum visit. Entering the building we were enveloped in the aromas of frying bacon and creamy gravy. Antique lanterns and cast iron skillets hang from the ceiling. Simple wooden tables are set with the basics. Traditional red...

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