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Renowned Photographer’s Son Carries on Historic Legacy With the Art of Small Agriculture- David Leland Hyde

       Even if some Americans today do not recognize his name, most are familiar with Philip Hyde’s iconic 1960s and 1970s landscapes that appeared in a solo show at the Smithsonian, campaigned to establish many US national parks and popularized the large coffee table photography book. Philip Hyde also co-founded the Plumas County Museum, which now fittingly will host the first show of David Leland Hyde’s exhibition, “Agriculture West and Midwest: Visual Stories of a Fading Way of Life from 17 States with Special  Emphasis on Plumas County,” from September 7 through December 29, 2018. David Leland...

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The Restoration of Walker Lake- (Mountain Meadows Reservoir)

Article and Photos By Melissa Wynn and Nils Lunder    On September 12, 2015 a problem with the drainage gate at the Indian Ole Dam paired with very low water levels led to the complete draining of Mountain Meadows Reservoir, known to Westwood locals as Walker Lake. This reservoir, used for hydroelectric power and managed by Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E), has been a favorite fishing, duck hunting and kayaking spot for locals for decades. The draining of the reservoir killed most of the fish that lived there. In response to this devastating event the Mountain Meadows Conservancy developed...

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Outlaw Kart Racing in Red Bluff

By Melissa Wynn      Wintertime tends to slow the adventurous pace synonymous with Northern California, but fear not NorCal thrill seekers the time has come for the indoor Outlaw Kart 2018/2019 racing season in Red Bluff. The Red Bluff Outlaws will once again light up the track giving spectators the opportunity to come cheer on their favorite drivers, experience the rev of the engines and be part of the roar of the crowd. For a mere $10, $25 if you would like a pit pass, spectators can enjoy the race from the stands.      Below are the...

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Wild Horses In Our Midst

    “On any given day in northeastern California, if you enjoy the challenge of a dusty back road pockmarked by ruts and potholes, you might be rewarded with the beautiful sight of wild horses and burros.     I have photographed these horses and burros many times, but there is no more thrilling time than the spring when they are giving birth to their colts.     The wild horses have a very distinct and strong family unit, and within a  relatively small geographical area you will find many sub-units.  Typically, there is a main herd with a very...

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Grilling The Perfect Steak

Everyone likes their steak cooked just so, but how do you tell when your steak is done to medium or medium well? According to the pros the best ways to tell are with a trusty meat thermometer or by using the hand test. When using a meat thermo- meter to test your steak insert the tip of the thermometer in the center of the thickest part of the steak. When it reads 135 the steak is medium-rare, a reading of 140o indicates a medium steak and medium-well occurs at 150. It is not recommended to eat beef at temperatures...

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