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Tank- Party at My House

We had a wedding in our front yard recently which filled up my yard with people. Really? They spent days getting ready for the event too, meaning I had to keep getting “out of the way” all the time… Hey, wait a minute; This is my yard. And I was trying to state that, while everyone was busy making sure I knew they didn’t even want me to come to their big event. Are you kidding me? A party in my yard and I’m not invited?! No Dogs? My dad nodded at me, telling me I’d really get to...

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Thank You Firefighters and First Responders of NorCal

Photos courtesy of Eileen Majors, USFS, and CalFire     Our immense thanks to every agency, landowner, business and individual involved in fighting fires in every corner of the North State. WE THANK YOU!   Firefighters in the region have been true heroes throughout our neighborhoods. Acts of kindness toward victims affected by the fire have been overwhelming. The love for this community is obvious, in the giving of aid and recovery efforts by so many.   To the brave men and women who supported and fought these fires, from the front lines, from helicopters and planes, from base...

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From The Publisher- Wow! Thank You All

It’s the sound of more sirens, another bomber going by, the sight of yet another group of weary firefighters stopping for a meal. I would say it’s fire season but an official information officer told me they don’t call it the fire season anymore, rather, the fire year. This has been a bad fire year here in Northern California.      Maybe you’ve caught a glimpse of a helicopter with a bucket of water, or a spotter plane flying by to collect information to pass down to firefighters on the ground. These are scenes all too common in our...

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Lassen Community College Enhances Student Life on Campus

Lassen College Works to Enhance Campus Life Live in Lassen. Enjoy beautiful scenery amid endless recreational opportunities; Attend Lassen Community College in Susanville.    With the new initiatives under Guided Pathways and Student Equity, Lassen Community College is striving to increase social involvement and  enhance student life on campus.  One response to achieving this vision is the renovation of the Student Union/Cafeteria area adjacent to the Quad. This area includes a gas fire pit for students to enjoy, along with seating and landscaping to harmonize with the surroundings.    Gregory Collins, Director of Facilities at Lassen Community College, has been the visionary for this innovative campus improvement project. Mr. Collins stated that “The use of native rock to replace grass assists in the college’s mandated requirement to reduce water consumption.  The area will enhance social interaction, serving to improve students’ academic experience and community while acknowledging learning environments outside the traditional classroom setting.” Community Interest    Collins explained, ” I am encouraged about the community interest in the changes we are trying to achieve here at Lassen College,” explaining his vision for the fire pit sculpture.  “While the landscape design was being developed I became convinced that there needed to be a strong visual element to hold the space when the fire pit was not in use. It needed to be something that provided a complimentary contrast to the natural...

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