Author: Christy Milan

Holiday Ideas

By Christy Milan The beginning of the holiday season is fresh upon us. During this time we have a tendency to become overwhelmed and stressed out with all the flurry of activities welcoming in the holidays. All this stress can be avoided with a little planning ahead. To help with the daunting task, look over the list below and plan which activities you and your family would like to do. You may even come up with others that you can add to your calendar. Some activities you may want to do with family or some with friends or with...

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Hot Chocolate Bar- A Season of Rich Flavor

By Christy Milan The holidays are upon us and the temperatures have dropped leaving us with the task of warming ourselves inside and out. Hot Chocolate can warm you up and give you a delicious way to do it. The rich creamy drink can be served with delightful flavor combinations. Some of the flavorings include pumpkin spice, peppermint, vanilla, hazelnut, cinnamon and caramel. So make yourself a delicious hot chocolate, grab your blanket and cuddle up to a cozy fire to help bring in the season. Before heading off to the kitchen, you may be asking yourself the difference...

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Schreder Planetarium Seasons of Light

By Christy Milan   Standing at the entrance to the planetarium is a crowd of various ages. The air is charged with excitement as the doors open and we enter. Everyone has come to be enchanted by the night sky courtesy of the Schreder Planetarium. The Schreder Planetarium offers educational and scientific information presented in a variety of different programs throughout the year. School field trips have taken advantage of the assorted programs and many people remember visiting the planetarium as a child. It began in 1979 when Jack Schreder followed his vision of the night sky. The domed...

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Shasta Dinner Cruise & Caverns

By Christy Milan The aquamarine water sparkles with the sun’s rays as you relax with family and friends. The smell of tasty food fills the air as the spectacular view of Mt.Shasta looms in the distance with hints of snow from the winter past. Take in the serenity and enjoy the ambience of Shasta Lake on the Lake Shasta Dinner Cruise. Shasta Lake is just north of Redding along interstate 5. It is part of the Shasta-Trinity National Forest and has 350 miles of shoreline and about 400,000 surface acres. The average depth is about 400 feet, making this...

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A Fish Tale -Coleman National Fish Hatchery

By Christy Milan Wildly beating the water, the salmon splash and whip their tails to and fro as they struggle to gain momentum on their journey upstream to spawn. This is the time of the salmon run when the fish migrate from the ocean and work their way upstream to where they were born. They will also spawn and begin a new life cycle on a gravel bed. These salmon will then mature and make their way to the Pacific Ocean only to return and spawn, thus starting over the cycle of life for salmon. Over the winter the...

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