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Argentine Grill Opens At Lake Almanor Wets Golf Course

   I am excited to share this unique, quite delicious dining experience I found with our readers. I first learned about the art of Argentine Grill cooking from Sonja at Lake Almanor West who was very excited to have it coming to the golf course this summer. I would soon find out why.

   I would be contacting Ryan Lee and Lela Crandall, who both grew up in the area, and were now embarking on this business venture.  Ryan had spent nearly a decade in Bueños Aires going to school and working, where he enjoyed cooking on the beach on an Argentine Grill. “Barbecue is popular there,” Lela told me. She also spent time in Argentina and  loved the culture, the food and the casual cooking and dining style. After they had both returned to the states, Ryan and Lela connected through their love for Argentina, its culture and of course, the food. Both love to cook and both are excited to bring their Argentine Grill to Lake Almanor West. I contacted them for an interview and soon realized I was in for a special treat.

   It was a sunny April afternoon when I was invited out to the lake to experience the Argentine Grill first hand. It was a bit early to access the restaurant site at the golf course so they would be preparing an authentic Argentine meal over an open fire, on the beach. We arranged to meet nearby at Lake Almanor.

   When I arrived, the grill was full. Skirt steak, short ribs on the rack, handmade sausages and chicken along with a variety of vegetables were beginning to grill. A round of provolone was cooking in a cast iron skillet with olive oil and a light addition of red peppers. A few of the halved peppers roasting over the fire each held a raw egg, which demonstrated just how slowly, the food was cooking. Mushrooms stuffed with blue cheese simmered high over the fire until they melted and cooked to a milder, steamy perfection. The assortment of food slowly cooked the entire time I was there. The aromas were inviting and I was glad I had been invited to dine on the beach..

   Back at the table Lela was bringing out two freshly made bowls of salsa, described as light but an intensely flavorful condiment for grilled steak. There was one green salsa and one red, both bright and beautiful. The salsas are meant to accent the flavors of the meats and the bread or any part of the meal, Lela said,  for extra flavor if desired. The meats and vegetables are not overwhelmed by any flavor; instead invoking the power of slow cooking and to enhance the flavor of the foods.

   Lela was slicing freshly baked sourdough bread just in time for the simmering provolone mixture to be ready. The bread would be served first and as they explained, the traditional dinner is served in courses. She drizzled a slice of fresh bread with the melting provolone mixture and it was amazing. I enjoyed both salsas, again not too hot but delicious and very complimentary to the meal.

   Soon Ryan was serving the meats. The handmade sausages were mild with a delicious flavor. The short ribs delivered a savoring aroma and astounding slow-cooked flavor. I found every course of the meal both flavorful and down-right delicious. I can’t encourage you enough to check this out.

Breakfast will include their pastries (empanadas) with bacon, egg and cheese. Other varieties are offered for both breakfast and lunch. They will serve their hand-ground Goucho Burger, hand-ground beef and sausage, The Lo Mito is essentially a tri-tip steak sandwich full of flavor. 

I can’t wait to get in for a look at the full menu and to enjoy this fabulously fresh and delicious fare soon, and hopefully often this summer. 

Almanor Argentine Grill is located on the west shore of Lake Almanor at Lake Almanor West Golf Course. You can check out their menu at


This Challenging, 

Picturesque Course


   Welcome to Lake Almanor and one of its truly best kept secrets, Lake Almanor West Golf Course and Almanor West Grill. Come enjoy an amazing game of golf amid neighbors and friends, old and new. The 615-acre community sits on the gorgeous and quiet west shore of the lake. The golf course, pro shop and Almanor West Grill are open to the public. 

   Just a few miles from the town of Chester, this seasonal course offers magical views of Mount Lassen on this beautiful 9-hole course with its 6318-yard, par 72, forest-lined fairways. The nine-hole course also offers two distinctively different sets of tee boxes, causing many to choose the full 18-hole experience. The course boasts giant pine trees, fresh, fluffy sand and a community that feels like family. Wildlife viewing is a bonus at Lake Almanor West, where bald eagles and osprey soar above and at times you may even have to wait for the deer to move along before continuing your game.

   Many locals and visitors to the area enjoy this course as a first choice for golf in the area, as much for the great course as for the friendly people and comfortable atmosphere.

   My trip around the course on a golf cart revealed tall pines and plenty of picturesque beauty around every corner, surrounding this well-designed course. 

   It was a pleasure to meet Brandie DeRuiter, returning again as Pro Shop Manager, who, as all can see, really enjoys her job and the golfers she meets there throughout the summer. She also really enjoys keeping the Pro Shop well stocked with golf equipment, supplies and apparel for men and women. 

   She said it is really great to see the regular golfers return with their families for a round of golf or a little fun on the driving range. She asked that I remind readers, whether they’re new to the game or not, to come on out and hit a bucket of balls on the range. It’s great fun for all. Lessons can also be arranged at the course. 

   As far as the course goes, Brandie said she gets compliments every day on the pristine condition and playability of the course. She credits the great staff for that. Lake Almanor West’s efficient irrigation system also gives them great control over managing the greens while conserving water.

Almanor West Grill


   If you haven’t tried the delicious food at Lake Almanor West, be sure to come out for a great meal this year. People are raving. They serve great food and the result has been plenty of satisfied customers.

   This year the Grill will be open for breakfast too. From 7 am to 11 am June through August, you can enjoy his specialty omelets, a quick breakfast burrito or a full breakfast of eggs any style along with great choices for pancakes and waffles. I can’t wait to try the breakfast fare because his lunches are great, from Chef’s Classic B.L.T. to his scrumptious Hot Pastrami Sandwich. The Gobble, Gobble features sliced turkey, cheddar and crispy bacon served with fresh lettuce, tomato and red onion, served hot or cold. The Big Bird is a chicken breast sandwich served battered and fried crispy or char-broiled as you choose. His summer salads are sensational and are offered in two sizes, depending on your appetite. Fish and Chips is also a great choice. Kids are welcomed with a special children’s menu with entrees from $6.00. They serve breakfast from 7 to 11 and lunch 11-5, Wed. through Sun. 

 There will be new changes to the Almanor West Grill for the 2019 season!
​Antonio Mejia is the Grill’s new chef! Visit Their Website for more information and updated menu as available.