UPS DeliveryAUTO PARTS STORE in WESTWOOD – 6 Miles from Lake Almanor’s East Shore.


In Westwood, CA you’ll find Reid Slockett behind the counter at Cascade Auto Parts, at 305 Ash St., ready with what you need to get you and your vehicle back on the road.

Do you need a new car battery? Or a new truck, boat or motorcycle battery? Give him a call. If it’s not in stock, he can have it here in a flash.

Centrally located near Lake Almanor CA, they can sell you a new dry cell car battery, a radiator hose, fan belt or something more serious like a starter or catalytic converter to pass smog requirements in California, Cascade Auto Parts is always on hand, providing quality auto parts to Lassen and Plumas County.

Find great gifts and a short line for UPS SHIPPING your packages from our store. We are right next to the post office in Westwood. Find oil change supplies, after-market car accessories, anti freeze, jumper cables and many other regular auto maintenance supplies at Cascase Auto Parts.

Cascade Auto Parts is also your Westwood UPS Shipping drop-off for Westwood CA. Cascade Auto Parts is also a convenient location for Chester CA UPS shippers.

If your specific part isn’t on the shelf, Reed along with UPS shipping, can have your car’s needed part or even a brand new complete motor to the store in a hurry.

Drop into Cascade Auto Parts and let Reid, with his professional automotive experience, help you to keep your ride up and running and safely ship your packages through UPS.

Call anytime, Mon-Fri 8:00-4:00 for price quotes and parts availability at +1.530.256.3231

CASCADE AUTO PARTS is connected to Susanville Towing, Lake Almanor Towing and Lassen Tire. Owner Brian Phillips stocks many parts for all three locations and is likely to have what you need locally. If not, they can get parts fast.

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