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By Eileen Majors

Photos by Jaime Vega

If you are into nostalgia and good food, then a cruise over to the Sug’r Shack in Westwood might be in order.   Take me back!  When we pulled up we could hear the 50’s music and smell the burgers grilling. Owner Julie Brecht and daughter Brandy cook up quite a few varieties of homemade food. Even the chili dogs and fries have a ‘beans-optional’ clause with their homemade chili.   One look at the picture and you automatically you think frosty cones  and burgers. Right you are, and those burgers are made fresh every day with beef from Don Biggs’ Butchery right across the street. They get all their meat there, for their homemade pulled pork sandwiches as well as beef and chicken for their freshly made tacos and burritos.  When you think tacos and burritos at a burger shack. you probably aren’t thinking about slow roasted meat atop fresh tortillas with all the toppings including sour cream. They even make their own salsa!

I had a bacon cheeseburger which was huge and delicious. They’ll even throw some onions on the grill if you ask them to. The fries are a tasty double fried version of original thick cut fries… yum!… and who could resist a milkshake topped with whipped cream?  I had blackberry and Jamie had a Chai Tea shake! They also offer Hawaaian ice in several flavors.   The Sug’r Shack is more than a great stop for food, it is a gathering spot. Julie said they wanted it teen friendly and the kids have been regulars since they began almost a year ago. Now, Brecht says, “The adults are catching on. We now have more adults than kids.” (Hmmm… It must be the food.)   You will find the Sug’r Shack in downtown Westwood on the corner of Birch and 4th Streets. Take Highway 147 from the East Shore of Lake Almanor into downtown Westwood, or hop off Highway 32 onto Birch St. to downtown Westwood. You can also call orders in at +1.530.250.5421.