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By Eileen Majors
If you are looking for some fun with a little excitement on the, consider the Lake Almanor Peninsula. You will find quaint cottages on the lake as well as RV sites, boat and watercraft rentals, dining, shopping and plenty more to do within walking distance.
Browse the gift shops like Milwood Lakeside Florist and

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CONTACT: Louise Jensen
(530) 257-3252

SUSANVILLE, CA, December 14, 2012—Lassen Land and Trails Trust is pleased to announce its 2013 Calendar of Events.
Saturday, January 26 CABIN FEVER RELIEF—Join Lassen Land and Trails
Trust and break out of the post-holiday doldrums. Choose to ski,
snow shoe or just come

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Safe Travel With The Kids

Traveling with children can be a delight and a challenge. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has the following tips for safe and stress-free family travel.

Always use a car safety seat for infants and young children. All infants and toddlers should ride in a rear-facing car safety seat until 2 years of age or until

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Indian Valley Road Trip 0113

A bicycle ride, walk/jog or drive around beautiful Indian Valley allows one to soak up the beauty and imagine the yester years of this remote location once inhabited by the mountain Maidu tribe. Peter Lassen was intrigued by the beauty and potential to make money from the miners and emigrants passing through. Jobe Taylor, Taylorsville

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Feather River College Environmental Studies

Did you know that two-thirds of California’s water supply comes from Plumas County? Have you ever “mugged” a black-tailed mule deer? Does chipping away with a rock hammer to find ancient plant fossils interest you?
Feather River College’s Environmental Studies program offers an Associate of Science program like no other. From the geological history of the

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Recipe For A Safe Road Trip

Paul Romesburg 001

By Paul Romesburg

MVLToday we tend to be in a perpetual rush, thinking about things we find more important than preparing our vehicles for a change in weather. While spending time at an auto shop may be inconvenient, it could save you hours of being stuck on the side of the road in winter cold or

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First Ever California Business Plan Competition Starts at County Level
As part of a statewide effort to boost the economy and encourage entrepreneurs, the Business and Entrepreneurship Center at Feather River College (BEC) is announcing a business plan competition for anyone over the age of 14.
While the value of


Quincy Road Trip 0113

The site of Quincy in the American Valley was named for the Illinois home of H. J. Bradley when the Post Office was established 17 December 1855.  Bradley was instrumental in securing the formation of Plumas County and locating the first county seat at his hotel. Quincy became the government, cultural and commerce center for

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Critters Along The Way


By Melissa Wynn
It is true when they say that the journey is half of the adventure. When road trippin’ in our neck of the woods you are sure to spot some kind of critter along the way.
Each of our small mountain communities hosts its own population of magical mammals. The most common are deer, having

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Chico Road Trip 2013

Chico, originally Rancho Chico, the vast acreage belonging to John Bidwell, was the hub for advancement in agricultural plant development as well as a social and cultural center for the upper Sacramento Valley. From humble Chico Normal School to today’s California State University; the Bidwell Adobe to the Bidwell Mansion; the giant Hooker Oak Tree

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Living the Life Young Families and Retirees Head for Rural America

It’s always fun to talk to people who have recently moved to the mountains or escaped to rural life somewhere. Seeking out a few of them for this article brought back memories of my own escape from the city some three decades ago. I clearly recall the uncertainty that came with giving up our jobs

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ROAD TRIP On the River – Truckee, CA


By Eileen Majors
We found a little jewel nestled on the edge of Truckee’s historic Old Town, and sitting on the banks of the Truckee River. This quaint Bed and Breakfast was built in 1885 and is currently owned by Matt and Wendy Brown. The River Street Inn is completely renovated and every

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Christmas Concerts At Susanville Symphony


Brian TaylorChristmas Spirit! That’s what this concert is all about.  This time around what better way to get you in the holiday spirit than singing!!  The Susanville Symphony Holiday concert will be introducing the newly formed Susanville Choral Society directed by Liudmila Mullin.  The Symphony musicians and the Choral vocalists will join together to take

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By Eileen Majors

Eileen MajorsEileen MajorsWe cruised through the town of Graeagle and within an hour we were in Truckee. There is a definite charm to Downtown Truckee, CA and we were definitely there to experience it. We meandered through the downtown shops and eventually stopped at Jax Diner where we would decide to enjoy a




Use thick, red, pink or white cloth napkins to make your poinsettias.
Press napkins flat. Lay flat and smooth out on clean, flat surface. Fold each corner in to the center and smooth so you see a square with an X quartering it.
Now,  fold all four new corners to the center-point of the napkin again, to


Heartfelt Traditions


by Nancy Zaengle

     Fall has become my favorite time of year, especially in Lassen County.  ”Sweater weather” brings us inside to curl up by the fire with a good book and a steaming cup of tea!  As Fall gives way to winter’s cold, it is heartwarming to know we can find comfort inside our

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Late Fall Color by Mary Beth Laraway Conlee photos: Laraway Conlee Creations

Writers often use overblown superlatives, especially when they are enthusiastic about their subject. My husband and I agree, though, that last November’s drives down Deer Creek Canyon were nothing less than spectacular. Was it the lateness of all the seasons last year? Was it the combination of unseasonably warm and cold days this Fall? Whatever

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Reaching Out… With Christmas Tea

Share a cup of Christmas tea.
With the holidays often comes bad weather and for some elderly folks who don’t easily get around, not much reason to venture out of the house. This is a perfect time to stretch your boundaries, jump out on that limb and go visit someone who could really use a lift.

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Story Time - A New Kind of Christmas

By E. Suzanne Frances Heinz
Mary gazed out the window of  the tiny new place that she and 12 year old son Jake now shared in their new small town. “How can I make it like a real Christmas?”, she thought.  Mary had sold most everything to afford them 3 months expenses in their new place

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Barry Kirschner Wildlife Foundation, Lend A Hand


Barry Kirshner Wildlife Foundaton ~ 4995 Durham-Pentz Rd ~ (530) 533-1000 ~  www.kirschner.org
By Melissa Wynn
When we first met Roberta Kirshner and her friends from the wild a few years back, they were located in Durham and open by appointment only. But , thanks to the recent move to 4995 Durham-Pentz Rd. near Oroville, animal lovers

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Reasons to Participate - Why Fish?


bigstockphotoFishing is one of America’s favorite outdoor recreational pastimes.
The California Fishing Passport Program is grounded in the belief that fishing offers an excellent opportunity to spend quality time with family and create lifelong memories.
Getting out on the water helps reduce stress and makes people feel good.
Fishing enhances appreciation for the natural world.
Studies show that

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Summer Driving Tips

It’s Summer…Is Your Car Safe to Drive?
By Brian Wilson
State Farm® Agent

Summer is here and that means it’s time for vacations, cookouts and summer road trips.  Before you jump into the family vehicle, have you done everything you could to ensure safe travels?  If not, you may want to think twice about driving

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Oxford Suites Chico ~ How Suite It Is!

By Melissa Wynn
One of my favorite outings is an overnight trip to Chico. The drive down Hwy 32 is an emerald world of aromatic forest greenery sprinkled with water falls, weeping walls and continuous encounters with Deer Creek. Relaxing and therapeutic, getting there is half the fun.
Our trip to Chico included revisiting an amazing animal

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Sierra Rescue ~ Training Everyday Heroes

Swiftwater rescue training

By Melissa Wynn
I never gave much thought to how rescue workers acquire their skill until I stumbled upon a  lesson in progress in the rapid, late spring waters of Deer Creek. I was strolling through the Potato Patch Campground on Hwy 32 with a friend, when excited voices  near the water inspired us to investigate. 

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Passionate About Houseplants

Purple Passion Plant

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By Lorraine Shoemaker
There are many wonderful houseplants, but there is one that’s sure to make almost anyone passionate about houseplants.  The regal ‘Purple Passion Plant’ is both striking in appearance  and quite easy to

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U.S. Forest Service Reminds Visitors To Enjoy Recreation Safely

Courtesy of the US Forest Service
The national forests in California offer a wide variety of recreational opportunities and beauty. With the wonders of adventure, however, come certain hazards.
The most effective way to prevent mishaps is to adequately prepare for the trip. Knowledge of the area, weather, terrain, limitations of your body, plus a

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Virginia Opossum


bigstock photoThe Virginia opossum is North America’s only native marsupial. A marsupial is an animal with a pouch, like a kangaroo. Newborn opossum are hairless and the size of a navy bean. These tiny infants must make their own way up mama’s tummy and into the pouch where they stay and nurse for up

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Meet the Artist ~ Susan Kearns

by Jan Cox
The studio of Susan Kearns is a special place; a large room with her drawing board set up in front of the picture windows, drawers and cupboards for all her supplies, art on the walls, and two cozy chairs in which we sat and had tea while Susan talked about her life as

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Snowshoeing At Lassen Volcanic National Park

Snowshoeing at Lassen Volcanic National Park ~ By Richard Barlupi


Jenave Demick ~ Avon Sales Representative

SPARKS NV- Serving California, Nevada and Beyond – Jenave Demick ~ Avon Independent Sales Representative (775) 722-8115 ~ jdemick@charter.net
Starting an AVON Business is FUN!  You can Sell, Buy, or SHARE AVON!  Many opportunities are available with your AVON Business.  You can be a Sells Rep and enjoy AVON and/or  Learn Leadership and find great growth!

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