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Roberti Ranch: A Time Honored Partnership with the Land

Roberti Ranch: A Time Honored Partnership with the Land By Debra Hasbrouck Living in the mountains can be an extraordinary experience—spectacular beauty is a daily standard, often accented with breathtaking seasonal changes. Although the volatile weather may be exciting, it can create challenges for the residents of these majestic environments. In the time that Sierra Valley was my home, I developed a deep sense of respect and admiration for the farmers and ranchers who live and work in the big, mountain valley. The level expanse sits at just under five-thousand feet elevation and the...

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DEXTER CATTLE: A Compact Version of the Old-Fashioned Family Cow

In recent years there has been a resurgence of backyard agriculture.  Gardens have always been a popular way to ensure that you have a healthy selection of vegetables available—but many people are looking for ways to expand homegrown food choices. Backyard chickens have experienced a comeback, allowing people to produce fresh, local eggs.  There is also a current trend to incorporate fruit trees and berry bushes into residential landscapes. However, when it comes to small-scale dairy and meat production, there can be many challenges.  Most dairy cows and beef breeds require more feed than...

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4H & FFA Benefit Youth

By Debra Hasbrouck Of all the great organizations available for kids to join, FFA and 4H are two associations that have wonderful success with instilling a sense of responsibility and self-confidence in their members. My own experience as a 4H and FFA member enriched my life in countless ways. It was evenmore meaningful when my children joined and became involved in these rewarding programs. Anyone who has gone to a county fair has probably noticed 4H and FFA members participating in various livestock events. It’s impressive to watch the kids working with their beautiful animals in the show...

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Westwood Museum +1.530.256.2233,

The Westwood Museum, located in the little mountain community of Westwood, contains the artifacts of a once thriving logging town that was founded in 1913 by the Walker Family. During the time the town was owned by the Walker family, the nation experienced the Industrial Revolution, two World Wars and significant societal changes. The Red River Mill was the largest operating mill in North America. The town had a state-of-the-art hospital, a theater and opera house, the largest sawdust pile in the world and an indoor mall, said to be the first indoor mall in the United States. The people who...

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Full Service Gun Shop Opens at Reynolds -RED BLUFF

Here is a store that is a one-stop shop that carries everything you could possibly need for country style living. What began as a ranch supply store has evolved into three stores in one location, Reynolds Ranch & Farm Supply, The Loft and Red Bluff Sporting Goods. Things continue to change at Reynolds in Red Bluff. In addition to Reynolds Ranch & Supply and The Loft, they have now expanded Red Bluff Sporting Goods, where their full service gun shop is now open and offering both sales and service. Their new 3,000 square foot expansion includes 1,600 feet dedicated to gun sales and...

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  By Debra Hasbrouck Horses and people have shared a unique bond throughout much of human history.  Once necessary for travel, hunting, farming and warfare – horses played a vital role in basic survival for many of our ancestors.  Although still an essential working partner on many ranches and in some police work, most horses are currently kept for pleasure and sport.  According to a 2005 study from the American Horse Council (AHC), there are approximately 9.2 million horses in the United States. Not only do these wonderful animals offer joy and companionship to people, the equine...

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Trading in Your Lawnmower for a Goat?

Trading in Your Lawnmower for a Goat? By Teresa Ambord It’s trendy these days to talk about letting goats do your yard work. Google hires a 200-goat herd to clear their grounds of brush. There’s even a successful company known as Rent-a-Goat. But while there are many good reasons to own goats, lawn care isn’t one of them. So before you head to Craigslist to sell your lawnmower and buy a goat, there’s a lot to know about these animals. “Goats make wonderful pets,” said Dr. Heather Evans, a local mobile-veterinarian. “They’re loaded with personality. But they aren’t grazers like cows or sheep....

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Meanwhile, Back At The B&V Pyle Ranch

Meanwhile, Back At The B&V Pyle Ranch                                   By Melissa Wynn Many of us think that a luscious roast beef dinner or chilly gallon of milk begins at our local grocery store. But during a recent visit with Hay Boss, Bob Pyle, of B&V Pyle Ranch near Susanville I learned that it really begins in the hay field. We have all heard the saying that, “you are what you eat”.  Perhaps what is more accurate is that you are what you eat, eats. Did you know that dairy cattle and horses eat different kinds of hay? Dairy cattle are fed a special variety of hay to maximize...

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Shasta Livestock Auction Yard and The Branding Iron Cafe

  The Branding Iron Founded in 1964 by cattle industry legend Ellington Peek, Shasta Livestock Auction Yard is located in Cottonwood, California at the heart of the California, Oregon & Nevada cattle triangle. Experienced ranchers and beginners alike gather here every Friday at the largest volume auction market west of the Rockies. Approximately 100,000 live cattle go through the ring each year and a similar number in country deals. Whether they come to buy, sell or just learn about the industry this is where the western cattleman and woman come together. Livestock auctions can work up...

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Lassen Transit +1.530.252.7433 – Ride the bus! Lassen and Plumas Counties – Lassen Transit WebDirecting.Biz

Take Your Bike As Well – Access Lassen AND Plumas Counties for Shopping and Adventure via Lassen Transit By Melissa Wynn Photo by Ron Leal Locals and tourists alike truly enjoy hiking, biking and fishing all over Lassen and Plumas Counties. Did you know that you can embark on these adventures via the Lassen Transit bus system? Well, you can. The West County Route offers access to the Bizz Johnson Trail at several locations, enabling riders to spend the day hiking. Mountain bikers are welcome as well. Simply load your bike into the rack on the bus and climb aboard. Primative camping is...

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RICE – A TINY GRAIN WITH AN IMPRESSIVE IMPACT By Debra Hasbrouck Photos and Facts Courtesy of California Rice Commission Rice is an amazing food. It’s delicious, nutritious and remarkably versatile in the kitchen. Throughout history this simple, little grain has been a dietary staple for much of the world. In addition to its intrinsic food value, rice production makes a significant contribution to the economic health of California, while simultaneously improving the environment. Over ninety-five percent of California rice is grown in the Sacramento Valley, utilizing areas with clay soils...

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Cattlewomen Work To Preserve A Treasured Way Of Life

Cattlewomen Work To Preserve A Treasured Way Of Life By Debra Hasbrouck Photos Courtesy of Plumas-Sierra Cattlewomen March is National Women’s History Month, which makes it the perfect time to recognize a rarely acknowledged group of ladies, ranching women. The vital role that these women played in American History doesn’t usually get much attention. Whether they were juggling the never-ending list of household chores and demands of motherhood, or working side by side with the men in their family…they were, and still are, an integral part of American ranch life. Throughout history...

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