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Westwood Museum +1.530.256.2233,

The Westwood Museum, located in the little mountain community of Westwood, contains the artifacts of a once thriving logging town that was founded in 1913 by the Walker Family. During the time the town was owned by the Walker family, the nation experienced the Industrial Revolution, two World Wars and significant societal changes. The Red River Mill was the largest operating mill in North America. The town had a state-of-the-art hospital, a theater and opera house, the largest sawdust pile in the world and an indoor mall, said to be the first indoor mall in the United States. The people who...

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Hitting the dirt with Mikey Majors

When we talked to Mikey Majors of Westwood, he was eager to give us the scoop on the MRANN series. Being part of the organization is obviously important to Majors. He sees it as a big part of his riding agenda. “You get 50 extra points when you work with your club to put on a race,” he told us, “and the points add up to your season totals.” Many dirt bike enthusiasts from Northern Nevada and Northern California are involved in MRANN (Motorcycle Racing Association of Northern Nevada). The non-profit organization is comprised of volunteers working together to promote safe desert racing in the...

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Lassen Transit +1.530.252.7433 – Ride the bus! Lassen and Plumas Counties – Lassen Transit WebDirecting.Biz

Take Your Bike As Well – Access Lassen AND Plumas Counties for Shopping and Adventure via Lassen Transit By Melissa Wynn Photo by Ron Leal Locals and tourists alike truly enjoy hiking, biking and fishing all over Lassen and Plumas Counties. Did you know that you can embark on these adventures via the Lassen Transit bus system? Well, you can. The West County Route offers access to the Bizz Johnson Trail at several locations, enabling riders to spend the day hiking. Mountain bikers are welcome as well. Simply load your bike into the rack on the bus and climb aboard. Primative camping is...

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Small Hands in the Kitchen

Small Hands in the Kitchen By Jamie Huynh, Quincy Natural Foods Cooperative [media-credit name=”stock photo” align=”alignleft” width=”300″][/media-credit]With developing motor skills and curiosity, children can be challenging to include in the kitchen. But the more involved children get the more interested they become and the more likely they are to eat their veggies. Mountain Passages’ Digging In program sees this first hand when they involve children in the growing and preparation process. Many program participants actually request and enjoy kale because...

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Music Enhances Learning

Does Music Make My Child Smarter? Yes, of course it does. When learning a song, a musical instrument, or a dance step, your child experiences the unique integration of body and mind that music provides. Sensory integration is a...

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Internet Safety Tips for kids

From the FBI Internet Safety Tips for kids MAKE SURE YOUR KIDS KNOW THE RULES: If your child has access to a computer, here are some very important things for them to keep in mind when on the computer at home or at school. Go over these important FBI rules with kids who go online. * First, remember never to give out personal information such as your name, home address, school name, or telephone number in a chat room or on bulletin boards. Also, never send a picture of yourself to someone you chat with on the computer without your parent’s permission. * Never write to someone who has...

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Teaching Kids Financial Skills

Teach Your Children Well According to the National Endowment for Financial Education® (NEFE®), there is plenty one can do to teach children financial skills early. This Colorado-based nonprofit foundation is dedicated to helping Americans understand and control their own finances. Their website is filled with valuable information on teaching kids the skills to help them learn with six general categories for kids to learn about. 1. Earning Money, 2. Setting Goals  3. Budgeting  4. Saving and Investing  5. Using Credit Wisely                       6. Protecting what has been accumulated....

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