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Fishing Fun In and Around Lake Almanor

By Bob Kopernik, Lucky Grady Fishing Guide Service If you are new to this area and are interested in drowning a few worms or crickets in hopes of having Fish Tacos for dinner, do yourself a favor and purchase a detailed geographical map of the area. I like the Northern California DeLorme Atlas & Gazetteer Map book because it shows most all of the lakes, streams, campgrounds and the roads to get you there.  Another good resource is the California Department of Fish and Wildlife website, to see where and when they last planted fish into the place that you are thinking about fishing.  You...

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Businesses Welcomed in the Small Town of Westwood

Westwood’s business community is well supported by the townspeople. The welcoming streets are named alphabetically by the names of trees. Streets are lined with old wooden homes, reminiscent of its early lumber days’ history. Retail businesses include three convenience stores, two with fuels, Lassen True Value hardware store, Now and Then thrift shop and Old Town Mercantile, an artists’ collective/Shabby Chic home furnishings & decor store which has been moving and expanding for its new early April Grand Re-opening. The town recently lost its grocery store, due to retirement, as was the...

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Calendar of Events Sept 15, 2017 – Nov 18, 2017

Butte County Every Wednesday, Open Mikefull, 7PM Norton Buffalo Hall, 5704 Chapel Dr., Paradise, Sign ups start at 6:45 for a two-song or 10-minute slot, $2, Every Wednesday thru Sept. Oroville Hospital Farmers’ Market, 10am-2pm, Dove’s Landing Parking Lot 2450 Oro Dam Blvd. Oroville,  Vendors will also be selling flowers, jams, meat, olive oil and many other items. Most of the vendors are able to accept EBT and Farmers? Market WIC/Senior WIC as well as cash or checks. http:/ Every Thursday thru Sept 28, Thursday Night Market, 6-9PM,...

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The Tail-Gate A Carhop History

By Christy Milan Situated off of I-5 in Anderson is a small burger stand with a history of serving great burgers, fries and shakes while making wonderful memories. Originally, the little burger place located at 2940 West Center St. was called Jake’s Jolly Cone and was built in 1953. Many Jake’s Jolly Cone’s were also opened in Shasta Lake City, Cottonwood and Red Bluff. In 1975 the name was changed to TJ’s when the new owners took over and began a successful business. Years passed and the community along with visitors enjoyed the car-hop burger stand. Then in 1984, new owners, Sandy and...

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Carol Ross Sketch Artist and Diana Hackbarth Matching Birdhouse Builder

By Molly Barber “Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing”- Camille Pissarro We encounter beautiful things everyday. The internet has given us the ability to view and share beauty, all of which couldn’t be sifted through in a lifetime. Andyet the thing about beauty that absolutely blows my mind is the sublime subjectiveness of it. Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder. I can tell you with absolute certainty that there is no beauty like the raw vocals of Nina Simone, the soulful wave riding of Dave Rastovich, the powerful storytelling of...

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Snow Sedges -Delicate Creatures of Cold Winter Nights

Text and photos by Jim Moore, Entomologist Long ago, before the first humans ever set foot within the lands of Northeastern California, there were Snow Sprites. These were fairy-like creatures that arose from the cold watery depths of cold mountain streams and lakes on crystal clear moonlit nights. The legend says that they would dance in the chilled air of long winter nights over snow covered mountain meadows. As they danced they would sing to one another, and the breath of their songs would crystalize in the frozen air of the night, becoming snowflake-like hieroglyphic messages that...

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Writing for Chicken Soup is Good for the Soul

By Teresa Ambord Writing business articles is my bread and butter. But writing about my family, my friends and my pets… that’s my joy. So the first time Chicken Soup for the Soul wanted to publish one of my stories I was beyond excited. I’d been published before, in books and magazines and online, but to me, Chicken Soup was the Holy Grail. That first story was called “How I Got My Brother Mitch.” I wrote it in response to a call for submissions, for an upcoming title, Chicken Soup for the Adopted Soul. It told the story of how when I was a teenager, my parents opened our home to a teenage...

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Exploring Our Local Winter Wonderland – Snowshoeing, Skiing, Sledding And More

By Mara Dobyns Photos by Jessica Compton- JCM Photography In this beautiful area of Northern California we are often spoiled with snow which means we have countless opportunities for fun in the outdoor world. In my opinion it would be pretty silly not to take advantage of it. Whether you enjoy snowshoeing, cross country or downhill skiing, sledding, or just exploring your local backcountry, we’ve got something for everyone. When I was a kid having my birthday in January always meant one thing, going to our favorite local hill for play, Stover, celebrating with snow and sledding until our...

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Quinoa’s Cousins Pitseed Goosefoot, Red-root Amaranth, & Red-Seeded Quinoa

Story & Photos by Jim Moore I suppose that many folks have heard of the pseudo-grain called Quinoa; the protein rich food grown by the ancient Inca people of the Andean Mountain ranges of South America. Because the Incas considered quinoa to be a sacred crop, for a time they were forced to grow wheat instead of quinoa by their Spanish conquerors. But as time moved forward quinoa once again became a staple crop of the Andean nations, even to this day. In recent decades, consumer demand for quinoa, in northern hemisphere nations, has caused the price of quinoa to rise dramatically. This...

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Exploring Ice Caves In Lassen County

Photos and Article by Mara Dobyns “Life is an adventure. It’s not about the destination we reach that’s most rewarding, it’s the journey along the way. So write it down! & treasure the memory forever…” – Barlena Morina While exploring in Lassen National Forest, take highway 36 to Wilson Lake Road 29 & 63, then make a right onto the 29 N 19 road. Next, find the E. Spur Road off of 29 N 19, and if you’re lucky, you’ll stumble upon a tree marked “Ice” in blue paint. From there just ahead you will find an opening with a couch carved out of a tree, a trailhead, and a mailbox...

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Quilter’s Piece With Val Bourque

By Val Bourque With the holidays upon us, there are always a project or two to complete before Christmas. If you need a quick project for a gift why not try a door panel.  This year there seems to be a panel for every holiday.  From the patriotic panels for  4th of July to Halloween, Thanksgiving and of course Christmas.  These are quick and easy for any level quilter.  My favorite from a few years ago, is the Christmas tree where you add the twinkling light kit to the panel. Now you can even add a music box to make the panel you made last year play holiday music while the lights glow. As...

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