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Thank You Firefighters and First Responders of NorCal

Photos courtesy of Eileen Majors, USFS, and CalFire     Our immense thanks to every agency, landowner, business and individual involved in fighting fires in every corner of the North State. WE THANK YOU!   Firefighters in the region have been true heroes throughout our neighborhoods. Acts of kindness toward victims affected by the fire have been overwhelming. The love for this community is obvious, in the giving of aid and recovery efforts by so many.   To the brave men and women who supported and fought these fires, from the front lines, from helicopters and planes, from base...

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SALUTE: Cal Fire Lassen Modoc Unit

    CalFire.….“Giving Back” You can’t miss Trent “Trentman” DiMauro if you visit Merrill Campground at Eagle Lake while he and his family are there on vacation. Trent is a 16-year old young man with a contagious smile, bright eyes and a loving spirit. Trent faces the challenges of cerebral palsy, which is why you’ll see him moving about the campground in his motorized chair; but he certainly doesn’t let that stop him from making friends and changing the lives of those he meets. In fact, the group that vacations at Merrill Campground has grown over the years as...

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Smokejumpers- The Stars Behind The Smoke

Smokejumpers – The Stars Behind The Smoke Story By Mara Dobyns Photos by: Annette E. Moore of USFS, Kyle Jackson, and Paul Bailey It’s summertime, it’s hot, it’s dry, and it’s fire season. Most people picture their summer like a vacation with the idea that summer should be filled with lemonade, family barbecues held lake or poolside, outdoor adventures, boating, relaxing, and just generally taking it easy while soaking up the sunshine. And it should be but for firefighters everywhere summer means something else entirely. It’s summertime, it’s well over one hundred degrees, you’re wearing a full body suit,...

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Extra Protection for Redding’s Furry Five Canine Cops

Extra Protection for Redding’s Furry Five Canine Cops By Teresa Ambord Photos Courtesy of Christy Hayes, Director of Marketing, Servicemaster by Cronic Disaster Relief of Redding. The only thing better than a good dog is a good dog with the power, focus, and training to save lives. Redding’s police force is privileged to include five of the finest canine cops around – Abel, Cain, Carr, Chyr, and Tarro. These canines and their handlers form dynamic teams that make us all safer. “These dogs are force multipliers,” said Redding Police officer, Ryan Ellis. Criminals may fight with the police, but when the...

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Fighting Aggressive Wilderness Fires: Hot Shots

By Stacy Fisher Photos by Dan Dobyns [media-credit name=”Dan Dobyns” align=”alignleft” width=”300″][/media-credit]    With the fire season in California starting earlier this year partly due to the ongoing drought, the state’s firefighting personnel are on constant high alert for the next fire battle zone. Already numerous firestorms have raged statewide, bringing destruction to several suburban and mountain communities and destroying thousands of acres of wildlife habitat in the process. The definition of hero is easily descriptive of the firefighting crews called Hot Shots, who risk their own welfare to help protect the rest of us from the threat of...

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