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When Devastation Comes, Love Follows

From The Publisher Eileen Heinz Majors When Devastation Comes, Love Follows         Our corner of NorCal has been through a lot since our last publication went to press. So much pain, then so much love has come about. It was a chilling day for all as we watched our friends and neighbors in Paradise literally flee for their lives. So shortly after the devastating effects of the Carr Fire, Northern California was hit yet again by what would become known as the most devastating wildfire in California History.    The fire burned more than 153,000 acres,...

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Soak Up The Holiday Spirit, Fruits of the Season

I  love the holiday season. There’s so much giving going on and appreciation being shown. Charity abounds and it’s rewarding when you get to see it in action. People all over spend the season giving in to the Spirit of love and hope, spreading peace and good will to others. You gotta love all those good tidings: I saw one man in a local Wal-Mart shopping for bargains on kids’ clothes to send to an orphanage in Mexico. While pretty dresses and handsome outfits may have filled his cart, LOVE filled his heart. Another man, motivated by KINDNESS, walked...

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From The Publisher- Wow! Thank You All

It’s the sound of more sirens, another bomber going by, the sight of yet another group of weary firefighters stopping for a meal. I would say it’s fire season but an official information officer told me they don’t call it the fire season anymore, rather, the fire year. This has been a bad fire year here in Northern California.      Maybe you’ve caught a glimpse of a helicopter with a bucket of water, or a spotter plane flying by to collect information to pass down to firefighters on the ground. These are scenes all too common in our...

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We Brake for Bald Eagles

By Eileen Heinz Majors      My diligence in trying to become a great wildlife photographer was reenergized again today. I don’t get many wildlife photos, that’s for sure, but I have been looking for photo opps, and seeing more than my fair share of critters as a result; I just never have the camera ready. I am constantly inspired by local Wildlife Photographer Jan Ramelli. (Her photos are in every edition of Mountain Valley Living Magazine.)    A few months ago I headed out with my iPad Pro to see if I could capture any wildlife. I diligently...

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New Beginnings

From The Publisher Eileen Heinz Majors   For many, Northern California represents new beginnings, often after retirement or for young families looking for a slower pace. We hear from more and more who have made their way up from the Bay Area and beyond to enjoy a simpler life in our corner of NorCal. As we publish our first summer edition for 2018 we are all ready to welcome visitors across the region for the summer season, many who may have the notion to move up our way one day. Whether you are one of those or one of...

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