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Mixing in More Health & Fitness

Everyone should have mentors. I have some for business, some for family and now even one to push me toward health and fitness goals. We have one member of our family who is ultra-dedicated to long term healthy eating, wellness and what some might call extreme fitness; a runner, bike rider, avid Piyo trainer and high school Athletic Director, she can and will put out her beautifully-rich, Triple-Layer Chocolate Kahlua Cake! Now, I call that a mentor. I am inspired by Josie, who represents many goals I still have even at my age, or should I say, especially at my age of 60. It has never been...

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From The Publisher – Find Some Summer Fun, Digitally Or Not

By Eileen Heinz Majors Summer is here, as is the opportunity to get out and see more of NorCal. Campgrounds are busy and seasonal businesses across the Sierra-Cascade region are open and ready to serve you. Go see them! We have been busy around here too, as the ‘millennial’ mentality takes over making sure digital seekers find our magazine. I love it! is fully open (and continually expanding.) By the time you read this, the first Almanor Area Newsletter will have already gone out, and the first local prize drawing will have been awarded: a $250 Shopping Spree at...

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Fishing Fun In and Around Lake Almanor

By Bob Kopernik, Lucky Grady Fishing Guide Service If you are new to this area and are interested in drowning a few worms or crickets in hopes of having Fish Tacos for dinner, do yourself a favor and purchase a detailed geographical map of the area. I like the Northern California DeLorme Atlas & Gazetteer Map book because it shows most all of the lakes, streams, campgrounds and the roads to get you there.  Another good resource is the California Department of Fish and Wildlife website, to see where and when they last planted fish into the place that you are thinking about fishing.  You...

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From The Publisher, Learn To Spot Sex Trafficking

Eileen Heinz Majors   This could save a life! Hats off to the great minds that are always thinking of new ways to help others. Now that Dignity Health has incorporated Human Kindness into their marketing mindset, things are really moving quickly. I love every Human Kindness commercial that comes on television for Dignity Health. Even the music makes you want to do something nice, then you watch some regular person do some seemingly selfless task, that ends up helping another in a really huge way. It is inspiring others every time an ad dollar is spent. It’s brilliant, and may whoever...

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Businesses Welcomed in the Small Town of Westwood

Westwood’s business community is well supported by the townspeople. The welcoming streets are named alphabetically by the names of trees. Streets are lined with old wooden homes, reminiscent of its early lumber days’ history. Retail businesses include three convenience stores, two with fuels, Lassen True Value hardware store, Now and Then thrift shop and Old Town Mercantile, an artists’ collective/Shabby Chic home furnishings & decor store which has been moving and expanding for its new early April Grand Re-opening. The town recently lost its grocery store, due to retirement, as was the...

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Writing for Chicken Soup is Good for the Soul

By Teresa Ambord Writing business articles is my bread and butter. But writing about my family, my friends and my pets… that’s my joy. So the first time Chicken Soup for the Soul wanted to publish one of my stories I was beyond excited. I’d been published before, in books and magazines and online, but to me, Chicken Soup was the Holy Grail. That first story was called “How I Got My Brother Mitch.” I wrote it in response to a call for submissions, for an upcoming title, Chicken Soup for the Adopted Soul. It told the story of how when I was a teenager, my parents opened our home to a teenage...

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Exploring Our Local Winter Wonderland – Snowshoeing, Skiing, Sledding And More

By Mara Dobyns Photos by Jessica Compton- JCM Photography In this beautiful area of Northern California we are often spoiled with snow which means we have countless opportunities for fun in the outdoor world. In my opinion it would be pretty silly not to take advantage of it. Whether you enjoy snowshoeing, cross country or downhill skiing, sledding, or just exploring your local backcountry, we’ve got something for everyone. When I was a kid having my birthday in January always meant one thing, going to our favorite local hill for play, Stover, celebrating with snow and sledding until our...

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Exploring Ice Caves In Lassen County

Photos and Article by Mara Dobyns “Life is an adventure. It’s not about the destination we reach that’s most rewarding, it’s the journey along the way. So write it down! & treasure the memory forever…” – Barlena Morina While exploring in Lassen National Forest, take highway 36 to Wilson Lake Road 29 & 63, then make a right onto the 29 N 19 road. Next, find the E. Spur Road off of 29 N 19, and if you’re lucky, you’ll stumble upon a tree marked “Ice” in blue paint. From there just ahead you will find an opening with a couch carved out of a tree, a trailhead, and a mailbox...

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The Millennial Touch

MILLENNIAL :  according to, is a term used to refer to the generation, born from 1980 onward, brought up using digital technology and mass media. It’s been nothing short of interesting to watch our magazine experience the “Millennial touch,” and in just a short period of time, move priorities in a direction that seemed a bit futuristic to me. In September, my staff and I attended a conference put together for magazines such as ours. The subject of the conference was “Create Your Digital Transition Action Plan” which looked to me like more of a race from extinction. The first...

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Give The Gift Of Giving For The Holidays

        by Molly Barber, Photo by Paula Watts The holidays are a special time of the year and while many of us enjoy them, this particular season can be rough for others. But there are ways we can all do our part to share the love and spread the kindness this year. I’m here to share some organizations with you whether you are looking to give locally, nationally or internationally. Let’s start at a local level. Most counties have local Soroptimist International organizations. This is an amazing club who’s mission is “to better the lives of women and children locally and...

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Remembering Pearl Harbor 75 Years Ago- December 7, 1941

By Eileen Majors 75 Years Ago- December 7, 1941 It was early December, 1941 and the Navy was on high alert.  The USS Arizona was one of 145 Navy and Coast Guard vessels positioned at or in the waters near Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. The Battleship USS Pennsylvania was one of them, and my dad, Henry Jacob Heinz was on that ship which was in dry-dock at the time. On December 6th (he told me) there was a big party and with the help of the ships’ bands, music and fun was enjoyed by all, perhaps leaving some a bit off guard for the next morning’s events. It was 7:55 a.m. Hawaii time when the fateful...

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