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Wedding Venues In Northern California

By Mara Dobyns If you’re like most girls you’ve probably been day dreaming up your wedding since you were a little girl, playing house with your dolls, marrying off your Barbie’s and Princesses, or even just imagining what your dress would look like, these things were all a part of it. Or even if you’re not like most girls maybe you’ve simply always pictured a wedding outdoors. Either way we’ve got you covered. Here is a list of some of favorite wedding venues here in our beautiful neck of the woods in Northern California. Think Outside The Box Or In This Case Outside The Venue “Today’s...

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Westwood Museum +1.530.256.2233,

The Westwood Museum, located in the little mountain community of Westwood, contains the artifacts of a once thriving logging town that was founded in 1913 by the Walker Family. During the time the town was owned by the Walker family, the nation experienced the Industrial Revolution, two World Wars and significant societal changes. The Red River Mill was the largest operating mill in North America. The town had a state-of-the-art hospital, a theater and opera house, the largest sawdust pile in the world and an indoor mall, said to be the first indoor mall in the United States. The people who...

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Tipi Wedding Themes

Tipi Wedding Themes By Melissa Wynn Photos courtesy of 2 Feathers Tipi Today’s wedding themes have become as diverse as the people getting married. One new popular addition to many outdoor wedding decors is the nostalgic tipi. Some couples rent just one and use it as the preparation area for the bride and her party when the wedding is in a remote outdoor location while others are choosing to house the bar and lounge inside the tipi lending a historic ambiance to the celebration. Most popular is the photography backdrop. Like those pictured, some couples rent several tipis and use them simply...

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The Evolution Of The Wedding Cake

The Evolution Of The Wedding Cake By Melissa Wynn Every little girl dreams of her Wedding Day and most have an idea of what the cake should look like long before she considers a groom. But how did a white, three tiered cake become the tradition? Like many long standing American traditions, it began a very long time ago in Europe. The First Wedding Cakes Ancient Roman weddings brought the first known tradition of baked goods to the matrimonial ceremony. More like bread than the cakes we enjoy today, these wheat or barley based rounds were broken over the bride’s head to bring good fortune and...

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2 Feathers Tipi, Covering The Map,

2 Feathers Tipi, Covering the Map By Melissa Wynn   When we first featured tipi maker Randy Nelson, Westwood resident and owner of 2 Feathers Tipi in our artist section, we had no idea that the nostalgic tipi had such a wide range of applications. The business card says “Have Tipi, Will Travel” and these tipis are covering the map. Nelson’s first rental to the Native American Golf Tournament went to Reno and was used as a photo prop. Since then, the imaginations of his customers have taken him from Los Angeles, CA to the Grand Tetons of Wyoming. Nelson stole the show in May at Dwell...

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Lassen Transit +1.530.252.7433 – Ride the bus! Lassen and Plumas Counties – Lassen Transit WebDirecting.Biz

Take Your Bike As Well – Access Lassen AND Plumas Counties for Shopping and Adventure via Lassen Transit By Melissa Wynn Photo by Ron Leal Locals and tourists alike truly enjoy hiking, biking and fishing all over Lassen and Plumas Counties. Did you know that you can embark on these adventures via the Lassen Transit bus system? Well, you can. The West County Route offers access to the Bizz Johnson Trail at several locations, enabling riders to spend the day hiking. Mountain bikers are welcome as well. Simply load your bike into the rack on the bus and climb aboard. Primative camping is...

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Top Ten Questions When Choosing a Wedding Cake.

By Traci Downey Owner Traci’s Sweet Surprises Top Ten Questions When Choosing a Wedding Cake. [media-credit name=”bigstockphoto” align=”alignleft” width=”300″][/media-credit]Q: WHAT SHOULD I DO BEFORE MY CONSULTATION? Start thinking about what you want your cake to look like. “Brides don’t have to come with a picture of the cake they want, but the consultation is harder if they come in and don’t have any idea [of what they’re looking for],” says Traci. She suggests thinking about shape (round, square, something more...

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More Weddings, Romance & Travels in Plumas County

By Eileen Majors [media-credit name=”bigstockphoto” align=”alignleft” width=”300″][/media-credit]Plumas County is just one of those places that offers majestic backdrops on every corner. The small towns welcome you. At the eastern end of Plumas County, the Portola and Graeagle area welcome visitors with shops, dining and golf, lots of golf! Portola’s Western Pacific Railroad Museum welcomes visitors from near and far. In downtown Graeagle all the store fronts and businesses are painted red and wind along beautiful Highway 89 through town. Surrounded by the...

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A Few More Destinations to Write Home About! – Northeastern CA

A Few More Destinations to Write Home About! – Northeastern CA Weddings & Getaways [media-credit name=”bigstockphoto” align=”alignleft” width=”300″][/media-credit]Whether you are looking for a totally remote location, in the middle of nowhere or a plush resort with all the ammenities, we hope you will check out our staff’s favorites in NorCal for a romanic getaway or wedding spot. In Plumas County, our list of favorites included a bit of golf, a bit of lake, a bit of Mother Nature and a bit of the fancy. Take a ride through the area to check them...

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GIFT IDEAS They’re Sure to Love!

By Eileen Majors Choosing the right wedding gift (or any type of gift for that matter) can sometimes be a daunting task. We invite you to step out of the box and consider a choice from a gift shop in your community. We spent some time roaming around Chester, CA to show you gifts that appeal to couples that love the outdoors, the home and the kitchen. [media-credit name=”Jaime Vega” align=”alignleft” width=”100″][/media-credit]Picnic Baskets  are fun to give and fun to pack with something cool for the happy couple. We found this fun picnic basket at Lassen...

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Bidwell House Chester, Ca

Bidwell House – Chester CA [media-credit name=”MVL” align=”alignleft” width=”300″][/media-credit] An intimate setting it is for a perfect wedding with beautiful gardens and views for miles; this bed & breakfast inn is both charming and accommodating. They have both indoor and outdoor sites for the ceremony. Indoors, charming antiques and a cozy fireplace set the scene. Outdoors, gorgeous meadow views stand behind the beautiful flowers and greenery that surround this grand white structure which stands at the far edge of Chester on the edge of the...

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Lights, Camera, Ambiance

By Eileen Majors THE FOOD [media-credit name=”Cheeseboard Catering Co” align=”alignleft” width=”300″][/media-credit]Catering is one of the largest costs for many couples today.    Remember that options are endless for this part of the wedding. The Bridal Association of America reports that the average catering bill for a wedding with 150 guests, lands just under $12,250, which equates to about $82 per person. I have seen it done for about one tenth of that cost, but it will take a host of volunteers who know what they are doing to pull it off. I got lucky...

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