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Life In Technicolor with Lapidary Artist Quinn Street

By Molly Barber Photos by Molly and Quinn “Great Art Picks Up Where Nature Ends” Marc Chagall There is always a deep reverence that stirs within me as I learn about artists. It’s borderline magical to watch someone completely in-tune with their craft; to see their passion and spirit mixed in with the art they create. There is an unseen bond and deep respect between an artist and their medium. This was brought to my attention today as I listened to the interview and reviewed the photos I took with lapidary Quinn Street. I met with Quinn a couple of days ago. The plan was to do the interview,...

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Meet The Artist- Dan Forschler & His Army Of Bears

By Molly Barber This is the story of a Bear-Naked carver, his grandfather, Stumpy-the nine fingered man, Eagles, Medusa, and an army of wooden bears. The turn of this century is where our story begins, when a young Dan Forschler was working with his grandfather out in the woods. “I was about 17 years old; my grandfather asked me, ‘Do you want to go to college or do you want to work?’ and I told him I’d rather work, so he took me over to the coast. He’s got the Legend of Bigfoot– the gift shop in Garberville and he did burrow work and stuff like that. When I went over there, he showed...

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No Room For Fear In The Art Of Anneke Meinhardt

By Molly Barber “It isn’t the mind that creates beautiful work, it’s the soul…” -Joe Duncan True art evokes something inside of us. It resonates in the soul and fuses itself into our being. We don’t just see or hear art, we feel it. The first time I experienced this kind of emotion with art, I wasn’t actually the one feeling it. My professor, for my media criticism class, was from Genova, Italy and she showed us the painting “Annunciation” by Antonello da Messina. This is a painting of Mary being told by the angel that she was with child. We studied the painting but it wasn’t until she...

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Jake Early Finds The Perfect Place

By Molly Barber Sometimes our lives seem to work like a classic James Joyce novel. We might not realize when the circle begins but more than likely we feel that familiar déjå vu tingling as the circle is coming to an end. And in that “Aha” moment we see and understand the twists and turns that seem to have brought us full-circle to this special understanding. Jake Early witnessed his circle coming into fruition as his passion for creating serigraphs grew from hobby to career. Jake is a Chico native but that’s not where this circle begins. We have to go back a little further than Jake, back...

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Carol Ross Sketch Artist and Diana Hackbarth Matching Birdhouse Builder

By Molly Barber “Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing”- Camille Pissarro We encounter beautiful things everyday. The internet has given us the ability to view and share beauty, all of which couldn’t be sifted through in a lifetime. Andyet the thing about beauty that absolutely blows my mind is the sublime subjectiveness of it. Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder. I can tell you with absolute certainty that there is no beauty like the raw vocals of Nina Simone, the soulful wave riding of Dave Rastovich, the powerful storytelling of...

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Pine Blossoms Repurposed Goods With Jennifer Guthrie

Photos & Story by Debra Hasbrouck It’s not often you find someone who creates an extensive variety of items that are unique, high-quality, attractive and useful…plus does it all with repurposed goods. Local artist Jennifer Guthrie of Pine Blossoms, uses up-cycled material to make pillows, purses, wallets, plush animals, scarves, pin cushions, coasters and much more. Purses are one of her most popular items and it’s easy to see why—they are beautiful, well-made, functional, light weight and very stylish. Jennifer started sewing at a young age and worked at a fabric store in high school....

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By Molly Barber I like to think that beauty is everywhere. It’s in nature, it’s in us, and in what we create. In college I was lucky enough to take a glass blowing class for a couple of years and it changed my perspective of art and beauty. I was able to see the beauty in craftsmanship and not just in the finished product. The finesse and thought, the foresight and creativity. There is a special place in my heart for people who can look at an object and see not what is there but what could be. Sam Mix is one of those people. With her basic tools, materials, and virtuosity she creates...

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Playing With Glass And Fire Ben “Tsunami” Lukas

By Molly Barber Photos Courtesy of Ben Lukas Ben ‘Tsunami’ Lukas plays with fire. He doesn’t just play with fire, he makes a living playing with fire as a professional full time lamp worker. This career choice has given Tsunami the opportunity to chase a business venture halfway across the world, while experiencing first hand the life changing events of a revolution. What started as a hobby quickly transformed into a passion that has become a lifestyle. Blowing glass to Tsunami is like breathing for everyone else; a necessity to survive. Tsunami remembers well being bit by the “glass bug”...

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Westwood Museum +1.530.256.2233,

The Westwood Museum, located in the little mountain community of Westwood, contains the artifacts of a once thriving logging town that was founded in 1913 by the Walker Family. During the time the town was owned by the Walker family, the nation experienced the Industrial Revolution, two World Wars and significant societal changes. The Red River Mill was the largest operating mill in North America. The town had a state-of-the-art hospital, a theater and opera house, the largest sawdust pile in the world and an indoor mall, said to be the first indoor mall in the United States. The people who...

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Meet The Artist John Cox

Photos and Article By Jan Cox It is my delight to introduce you to John Cox and his artistic creations, segmented wooden bowls. John began working in wood four years ago as he edged toward retirement as a builder.  Growing up he liked woodworking and so decided to try this once again. Our family was excited to get gifts of those first bowls and other wooden objects! Unable to get large chunks of hard wood in this area, he chose segmented wooden bowls to work with. These are made of many small pieces of wood glued together rather than one piece of wood. In fact, some bowls can have hundreds...

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An Uncommon Artist Who Captures the Soul

An Uncommon Artist Who Captures the Soul By Teresa Ambord “I see beauty in the details,” said pencil artist Sarah Crumpton. That’s part of why her drawings are often mistaken for photographs. Crumpton’s art stems from her love of animals. While she draws other subjects, including domestic animals, it’s wildlife that really speaks to her. She looks into their eyes and sees “the light of the soul that God has placed there,” she said. Somehow, she’s able to transfer that “glow of life” onto canvas. Most recently, a collection of her original colored pencil artwork entitled, “Animals of the...

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Meet The Artist Jan Cox

Meet The Artist Jan Cox By Melissa Wynn   Local author and poet Jan Cox has always had a passion for writing. She wrote her first poem in the first grade and has created beauty with words ever since. Her latest creation, Mended Wings Poetry Of A Cancer Survivor, was recently published by Usually poetry is a tough sell to publishers and rejection letters are most common in this genre, but not for Jan Cox. Our gifted neighbor received her letter of acceptance in just two short days. This is a testament to the quality of her masterpiece and read, “Ms. Cox: Thanks for...

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