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Winter Fishing – Eagle Lake Create Your Own “Fish Tale!”

  By Dave Hutala, Sportsman Elegant Iris & Men’s Den, Susanville Hey! Here in Lassen, Plumas, and Modoc counties there are a lot of outdoor activities that a person can enjoy. Eagle Lake fishing is just one great adventure a family can have.  I like getting out to the Lake at first light and fishing for the Eagle Lake Trout. My favorite way is to use a nice 8  to 10 ½ foot medium to light-medium rod with 4 pound test line. Over the past 30 years I’ve loved fishing with my hand tied feather jig. My favorite jig...

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The Restoration of Walker Lake- (Mountain Meadows Reservoir)

Article and Photos By Melissa Wynn and Nils Lunder    On September 12, 2015 a problem with the drainage gate at the Indian Ole Dam paired with very low water levels led to the complete draining of Mountain Meadows Reservoir, known to Westwood locals as Walker Lake. This reservoir, used for hydroelectric power and managed by Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E), has been a favorite fishing, duck hunting and kayaking spot for locals for decades. The draining of the reservoir killed most of the fish that lived there. In response to this devastating event the Mountain Meadows Conservancy developed...

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Fishing Fun In and Around Lake Almanor  

By Bob Kopernik, Lucky Grady Fishing Guide Service   Northern California could easily be considered a mecca for outdoor enjoyment and fun. For a variety of reasons, Lake Almanor and the surrounding area does not get the throngs of summertime visitors that some other areas do. Although this is not a good thing for our local businesses, it is great for outdoors people, especially fishermen andwomen who prefer a quiet hike alongside a stream in search of the perfect fishing spot or to fish the mostly vacant lake either from shore or a boat. A good topographical map like the...

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A Fish Tale -Coleman National Fish Hatchery

By Christy Milan Wildly beating the water, the salmon splash and whip their tails to and fro as they struggle to gain momentum on their journey upstream to spawn. This is the time of the salmon run when the fish migrate from the ocean and work their way upstream to where they were born. They will also spawn and begin a new life cycle on a gravel bed. These salmon will then mature and make their way to the Pacific Ocean only to return and spawn, thus starting over the cycle of life for salmon. Over the winter the...

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Tips From The Pros Fishing Tips

Hey folks, in the past I talked about Silver, Almanor and Antelope Lakes-yes they’re still a good bet for a family outing but if you are on the road for a good adventure check out McCoy Reservoir and Long Lake off Highway 44. Our Department of Fish and Game just planted fish in those lakes in May, and yes, there are fish left over from last year in McCoy. While out on the 44 you can try out Crater Lake east of the Bogart Ranger Station. You may want to pack some bug spray. Eagle Lake’s water is up and the fish are biting. So get out there with your favorite lures and try your luck....

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