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Holding Babies At Barry Kirschner’s

By Melissa Wynn Photos Courtesy of Barry R. Kirshner Wildlife Foundation Close contact with wildlife is an exhilarating experience that reinforces our connection to nature in a way that little else can. Whether it is a lucky raccoon sighting in your own backyard or a paid dolphin experience abroad, you are sure to remember these rare, face to face encounters for years to come. At the Barry R. Kirshner Wildlife Foundation, in Butte County, the staff understands the importance of these lasting connections and has implemented a new opportunity for visitors to interact with the baby animals that occasionally come to them for monitoring, veterinary care and training. For a modest $35 fee, a guest can now get a photo with these precious ambassadors as a memento of their visit to this special forever home for so many animals that can never be released due to medical, genetic or developmental issues. These are NOT typical animals, each has a special need that brought them to this “last resort” facility. Unlike a zoo or text-book sanctuary this loving facility’s purpose is to rescue and then provide rehabilitation and long term care for both native and exotic wildlife. The Barry R. Kirshner Wildlife Foundation does NOT breed animals and no babies are born there. Often they are sent from other facilities for simple observation to determine if they have any pre-existing...

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Emerald Moths

Emeralds! By Jim Moore, Entomologist     In nature there are just two kinds of Emeralds: the Gemstones, and the Moths. This article covers the living green gems of NorCal called Emerald Moths. Perhaps you have seen one of these small green moths by your porch light and marveled that a moth could be almost completely green. I often do when I see one of the several species that make their home within our Mountain Valley region. Emerald Moths are members of the family of moths called Geometer Moths  – Geometridae – which means ‘earth-measurer’ so named after the larva which...

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Tank on Getting a Cat

Tank on Getting a Cat    I heard my parents talking about getting a cat. Really? They’re mean. When I visit houses with cats, they sneer at me the whole time. They hiss too. They’re always mad; All I want to do is play. “Don’t get all bent out of shape, I try to tell ‘em, “just have some fun.” Not only do cats seem to have a bad attitude in general, they also are not very loyal.    When my dad calls my name, I’m there. Even if he just wants to sit on the couch and watch...

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Grey Fox (urocyon cinereoargenteus)

Grey Fox (urocyon cinereoargenteus) By Wildlife Photographer Jan Ramelli    The Grey Fox is fairly common in our area, and those of us who have chickens are certain that they are abundant! They are a smallish canid, standing at about 15” tall, weighing up to 13 pounds.  Their coloring is mostly gray, with reddish below and on the back of their head, and a white throat.  Their ears are prominent (better to hear you with)!    Did you know that they can climb, and they will actually take refuge or forage in trees?    They typically find a den site amongst boulders,...

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Holiday Cookies for ME?

By Tank      It’s holiday time again and I kinda like it. Lots of get-togethers, lots of food and lots of kids. Eh.. they’re okay to play with but what I really like is all the food they throw down. The little ones drop it and the big ones hand it over willingly, whatever they’re eating, even cookies. I know my mom is getting things ready to make cookies. She does it every year. She gives them away to everyone else in the family, but she gives me zero! And then all of a sudden I can smell...

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