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Learning In The Land Of Ishi

By Melissa Wynn It was the early 1990’s when long time teacher Jack Forester first read the story about the man called Ishi, the last of the Yahi Yana tribe of Native Americans that resided in the wilderness area that now bears the Ishi name. Fascinated by the story, Mr. Forester felt compelled to explore Ishi’s homeland and to share this amazingly educational experience with his students. The Ishi Wilderness is a unique 41,000 acre, low-elevation wilderness located in a remote part of the foothills, approximately twenty miles east of Red Bluff. This is a land formed by wind, water...

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Places To Go Off Road

California welcomes dirt bikers, snowmobilers, dune buggies, ATVs and 4 wheel drives in selected areas across the state. So, gather your gear! You’ll find 130+ terrain parks in California at We chose a few NorCal favorites to share with you. Plumas National Forest Backcountry Discovery Trail. Pick up a Motor Vehicle Use Map (MVUM); it explains all travel regulations and is available free of charge at any Forest Service office, or download it at . Complete driving instructions are included, pointing out...

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Tank- The Other Dog

Things have been rolling along pretty smoothly, I gotta say. My mom and dad have been taking me with them almost everywhere, even in the new car. I get treated pretty special,that’s for sure. What I love most is sitting out in the front yard while Dad throws me the ball. We do it all the time. Then one day for no reason at all, this other  dog comes strolling up on the porch like he owns the place. My dad gets real serious and puts me in the house. “Let me out!” I bark loudly, while I watch my dad pet him. “Are you kidding me? I’m trying to chase him out of here for ya!” “Maybe he’s a...

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Glow-In-The-Dark Golf At Mt. Huff Golf Course

By Melissa Wynn Blessed with a mild Summer climate, the mountain communities throughout the Sierra Nevada provide a wide variety of golfing options for locals and visitors from warmer climates alike. Several choices are available for those looking to enjoy a sunny afternoon knocking balls around the green. But when was the last time you played a round on a cool, clear, dark mountain night? During the months of Summer and early Fall, by the light of the moon, with some LED light bulb support, golfers are invited to do just that at the Mount Huff Golf Course in Crescent Mills. Each month when...

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Tips From The Pros Fishing Tips

Hey folks, in the past I talked about Silver, Almanor and Antelope Lakes-yes they’re still a good bet for a family outing but if you are on the road for a good adventure check out McCoy Reservoir and Long Lake off Highway 44. Our Department of Fish and Game just planted fish in those lakes in May, and yes, there are fish left over from last year in McCoy. While out on the 44 you can try out Crater Lake east of the Bogart Ranger Station. You may want to pack some bug spray. Eagle Lake’s water is up and the fish are biting. So get out there with your favorite lures and try your luck. You know...

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Durham House Bed & Breakfast – Victorian Charm – Durham, CA

Welcome to the Durham House Inn, your quiet country getaway, just 10 minutes South of Chico. Enjoy the historical elegance of this 1874 bed and breakfast Inn proudly listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Carefully encompassed in Victorian country charm this lovely retreat allows guests to rest and rejuvenate so they can depart relaxed and refreshed. W.W. Durham built this spacious home for himself and his bride Minnie Van Ness in 1874 in the town bearing his name Durham, California. Minnie Van Ness was related to the San Francisco Van Ness family. Her father was responsible for...

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Critters- The Great Horned Owl

Photos and Articles by Jan Ramelli This beautiful bird is more common in our area than one might think. Once you begin to look for the signs they will pop out at you often. A friend of mine, Paul Whitcome, told me about this particular nest and I began to photograph it at least weekly!  It has been a wonderful experience to get up before dawn so that I can be ready for them to return to their nest and watch the male and female raise their two owlets. In the winter and early spring, before the trees began to leaf out, look for large nests in trees.  The Great Horned Owl will lay their 2-3...

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A&E On The Road to Tahoe – Crystal Bay Casino

By Melissa Wynn Few vistas are as spectacular or as well known around the world as that first glimpse of stunning Lake Tahoe. Late this Spring Molly Barber and I  treated ourselves to not only those unforgettable views of the lake but also to an amazing dinner and Kongos concert at Crystal Bay Casino just ten steps over the California state line at 14 State Highway 28 in Crystal Bay. We took the scenic route through Quincy and Graeagle along Highway 89 since we both love seeing the railroad bridges, St. Bernard rock and the rushing Indian and Spanish Creeks as well as the Feather and Truckee...

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Running Wild In NorCal

By Molly Barber Photos Courtesy of Tributary Whitewater Tours There’s a part of your soul that’s made to run wild. A part that craves freedom and adventure. For some, just being out in nature will fulfill this need. For others, we crave something a little more adventurous. Either way, Northern California seems to be a birthplace for wild souls. Whether you’re a transplant to the area or born and bred here, this environment is unparalleled soul food. The rivers, lakes, mountains, and valleys that encompass this region allow for as many adventures as the mind can conceive. Hiking trails run...

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Lake Almanor Fishing

Follow the great fishing year ’round at Lake Almanor and in the waters nearby. Doug Neal, Fishing Guide – Fishing Reports +1-530-258-6732 or Email to book YOUR trip with Almanor Fishing Adventures Licensed & Bonded • DFW# 704166-02 THE HEX HATCH Annual phenomena at Lake Almanor draws fishermen from near and far. Read articles about fishing Lake Almanor. Read more about fishing around...

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It was a quiet morning at our house, no real plans, it seemed. Oh Mom was running around getting ready for something (as usual). Me and Dad were just sitting on the couch. I kept giving him the “want to play?” nudge but he wasn’t really going for it.   My head perched, as always, on the arm of the couch, peeking through the window, looking for some friend. I spot the shimmer of sun off of a car pulling in. Mom lets me out. It’s Molly! She works at my moms office and she LOVES me. She always pets me and throws the ball when she comes over. We like to chill. Maybe SHE wants to play. Oh...

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Holding Babies At Barry Kirschner’s

By Melissa Wynn Photos Courtesy of Barry R. Kirshner Wildlife Foundation Close contact with wildlife is an exhilarating experience that reinforces our connection to nature in a way that little else can. Whether it is a lucky raccoon sighting in your own backyard or a paid dolphin experience abroad, you are sure to remember these rare, face to face encounters for years to come. At the Barry R. Kirshner Wildlife Foundation, in Butte County, the staff understands the importance of these lasting connections and has implemented a new opportunity for visitors to interact with the baby animals that...

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