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Susanville Best of Broadway 2016 Concert Series

Group Photo By Teresa Majors Article Information by Teresa Majors, and Submitted By Susanville Best Of Broadway Have you ever been to a Susanville Best of Broadway production? If you have, you know how amazing this local show is. If you have not, you are definitelyt missing out. It is the mission of Lassen County Best of Broadway to organize and produce an annual public performance of Broadway hits to promote singing, dance forms and creative dramatics. Our goal is to help promote the arts in Lassen County. Lassen County Best of Broadway was formed and directed by Julie...

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Hitting the Dirt… A Family Adventure

Hitting the Dirt… A Family Adventure by Teresa Majors Northeastern California boasts some of the most perfect weather and terrain for the dirt biking lifestyle. That’s exactly what dirt biking is, a “lifestyle”, an activity that many friends and family can enjoy together. Most all of my family and friends are extreme riders and have been since they were young. Those who are lucky enough to ride realize it is an activity the whole family enjoys.  With other sports, most parents are on the sideline cheering on their “champs”. But with a dirt biking family, Mom, Dad, Sister and...

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Spring Is Here, It’s Time To Go Gold Mining!

Spring is here, It’s time to go Gold Mining! By Charles P. Watson [media-credit name=”Charles Watson” align=”alignleft” width=”300″][/media-credit]Can you feel it? That tug on your soul, that calling from “them thar” hills, that burning, passionate desire to go gold mining again? The bitter cold is behind us and the snow is melting filling the drainages with the turbulent waters that you know are bringing more gold down from the highlands – and you want some of that! And why not? The price of the yellow metal has remained above $1,500 per ounce for a few years now. It peaked...

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By Eileen Majors Looking for a romantic getaway that includes a little adventure? Try our 2013 pick for romance in Truckee, California. Enjoy the rustic elegance of The Cedar House Sport Hotel, a 40-room lodge with 5 suites. Giant trunks of cedar trees, cedar beams and repurposed steel were used to create this stunning, eco-friendly, European-inspired hotel. We arrived on a snowy day. Cross-country skis stood by the warm fire that welcomed us as we opened the door. One couple shared a game and a cup of cocoa while another accessed the free Wi-Fi in the comfortable lobby where...

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The Mysterious Aftermath Of The Chips Forest Fire

By Melissa Wynn On Sunday July 1st, just before 2:00 a.m., the forest fire named “Chips” started burning 20 miles north west of Quincy in the heart of our own beloved Plumas County.  To read about it on the web, or see the few minutes of footage on the news, it would seem that utter devastation now covers over 75,000 acres of our mountain home. However, if there was one thing I learned through that frightening experience it was that forest fire behavior is not at all what I thought it was. When you view the  Chips Fire Map...

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