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A LOCAL RANCH Winner of Environmental Award

If you’ve been anywhere around Susanville long, you probably know the name Darrell Wood. He has been involved in many community projects over the years. His family has ties in ranching dating back to the 1860’s and Wood’s goal is to preserve that legacy for his family, and their families to...

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by Nancy Lund When people ask me how do I stay so young I tell them “I don’t stay young – I stay active.  You can’t fool the calendar;  my birthdays come around like everyone else’s.” Do I have a secret?  I think it is that I have stayed actively involved — with my community, with people of all ages, and for the causes that are dear to my heart. Leisure World, and its type of retirement living, may be ideal for some, but not for me and my husband.   To us it seemed an artificial life.  I don’t want to disparage golf but aside from its health benefits and a better tan, what do you have at the end of many years spent on the links?  We wanted to live in a real community, where  there is a mix of people with different backgrounds and different interests; a place where kids are born and grow up.  And we found it in the beautiful mountain valleys of Plumas County. My story is a familiar one to many retirees.   For much of our married life my husband’s job and mine took us into different fields.  He worked a swing shift, I had a day job.  I would have weekends off  while he often had to work.  So when we retired we had the happy experience of doing things...

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Finding Family Time – Set a Game Night

There are plenty of reasons to establish a game night in your family. If you don’t get enough participation, invite friends and extended family to join in the fun. Not only are games entertaining, they help kids in many ways. Games provide families with simple fun-filled ways to spend quality time together. Games require players to exercise their intellect. Playing games provides opportunities to challenge and develop strategic thinking skills. Games teach life skills like patience, concentration, teamwork, honesty, making choices and perseverance. Games teach kids how to win and lose graciously. Family games provide hours of family fun! One of our favorites is Yahtzee! It helps kids learn to add and can be played by kids of any age with a little help from the...

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