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Chico Community Observatory

By Stacy Fisher Photos by Stacy Fisher & Chico Community Observatory  Our ancestors gazed into the star-studded night sky and wondered, “How did everything come to be?” Until the advent of telescopic instruments of sufficient power, such as the 100-inch Hooker Telescope at Mount Wilson Observatory, where astronomers like Edwin Hubble, often lauded as the father of modern cosmology, discovered the universe was expanding in 1925, answering such basic questions seemed beyond our reach. Although modest in size compared to scientifically important observatories found throughout the world, Chico can boast its own non-profit Chico Community Observatory, located on the outskirts...

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Yellowstone Kelly A Paradise Hero

By Stacy Fisher, Photos from Gold Nugget Museum During his lifetime, Yellowstone Kelly exhibited an inquisitive mind and a strong desire for the wide-open spaces of the American West. Born Luther Sage Kelly on July 27, 1849 to a prosperous family in Geneva, New York, he grew up to be a true adventurer and pioneer of the great outdoors. He served briefly during the American Civil War as a soldier in the front lines, which ended with General Lee’s surrender at Appomattox in April of 1865. Kelly continued to serve in the military for several years during the Indian Wars and later, in August, 1899, he commanded...

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Grazing Grace Horse Rescue Taylorsville, CA

Grazing Grace Horse Rescue Taylorsville, CA By Stacy Fisher   The primary mission of A Grazing Grace horse rescue in Taylorsville, Plumas County, is to rescue, adopt, and find homes for abandoned or abused horses. The A Grazing Grace ranch facility is located at 1193 N. Arm Road, Taylorsville, consisting of 10 acres of pasture fenced, and cross-fenced, and five covered stalls. “Surrendering a horse is a difficult decision,” owner Tina Mannies acknowledges. “Our facility has an open door policy,” she says, “and any horse is welcome to be surrendered by appointment only.” The rescue currently functions as an “owner surrender” site. As the organization...

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Kool April Nites Showcasing Hot Classic Cars

Hot Classic Cars Cruising Kool April Nites Story by Stacy Fisher Photos courtesy Kool April Nites It’s almost time to rev your engines and drive, walk, or run to view a plethora of classic beauties cruising the neighborhoods of Redding during Kool April Nites. The car extravaganza runs from April 16 – 24. From the Kick-Off Show and Shines to the final day’s Show Awards, the entire Kool April Nites week is filled with fun and exploration. The weeklong happenings begin with a number of local businesses including the Kia dealership hosting Show and Shines featuring various vintage vehicles...

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Engels Mine Remains a Cultural Feature in Plumas County

  Story and photos by Stacy Fisher During the Civil War, Jack and James Ford discovered copper outcroppings above the North Arm of Indian Valley outside Greenville, CA., while other miners found similar deposits along Genesee Valley’s Ward Creek, according to information posted on the Internet. Shortly thereafter, copper and gold mining in the region began in earnest. Gold may have lured miners with its promise of great riches, but copper was the bread and butter of the mineral industry. Copper isn’t found in many deposits in the world large enough to mine. This region made the find in...

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