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Quiet Earth Midwifery +1(530) 520-8682 Westwood Ca. 96137 WebDirecting.Biz

Quiet Earth Midwifery Nicole Staniger,CPM, LM Quiet Earth Midwifery 214 Greenwood St Westwood, Ca, 96137 office: (530) 520-8682 fax: (972) 228-9065         Quiet Earth Midwifery provides holistic health care for women in their childbearing years.  If you are seeking a natural pregnancy and childbirth, Quiet Earth Midwifery provides primary Prenatal Care, Home Birth (including Water Birth), and Postpartum Care for you and your new baby.  Nicole Staniger is a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) and Licensed Midwife (LM) who desires to help women discover the beauty of trusting their bodies through the many seasons of life.  Nicole believes that the female body is wonderfully and innately equipped to bear children, and with over 10 years of experience, she provides a safe environment in which you can confidently embrace the waves of childbirth. Additionally, Nicole offers individualized Nutritional, Fertility, and Menopausal Counseling as well as Natural Childbirth Classes and Postpartum Trauma Classes.” For Quiet Earth Midwifery website Click on photo...

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West End Theatre, +1.530.283.1401 Quincy CA Theatre and Music productions WebDirecting.Biz

Life is a dream in Quincy, California, with it’s surrounding Mountains and Ever Green trees making the sights and smells awaken your creative scenes. A place where everyone knows everyone and life is good! There you will find the West End Theatre, in it’s historical building built originally in 1875, by William Edwards, to become  the Plumas House Livery Stable. In the most recent restoration the structure of the building was preserved.  It is now the home of West End Theatre a place to come for a family night of fun. Enjoy theatrical and musical productions and maybe even join in...

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Jobs at Sierra Pacific Industries +1.530.378.8000 NorCal Forest and Mill Employment WebDirecting.Biz

Sierra Pacific Industries – careers, jobs Find a Career with Sierra Pacific. Click to:  Live and work in the land of adventure! Sierra Pacific Industries is a third generation, family owned business based out of Anderson, California. They own and manage close to 1.9 million acres of timberland in both Washington and California. 6 million new trees, native to the land, are planted each year.  Sierra Pacific is offering career opportunities in forestry, mills, clerical, trucking, and much more. If you’re looking for a full time job then look no further than Sierra Pacific Industries! CAREER OPPORTUNITIES IN NOR CAL AND BEYOND:  Find a career  At sierra pacific industries. If life is an adventure in your book, consider a career in the land of adventure, with Sierra Pacific Industries. Live in an area where you can dirt bike, hunt and fish, or whatever else you love to do outdoors! Live the dream while you enjoy a job with Sierra Pacific industries. Mill jobs, forestry jobs, office employment jobs, trucking jobs, equipment operator jobs, and much more are offered. If one of your favorite things to is hunt and fish, Northern California has much to offer as a place to live. Sierra Pacific Industries has career opportunities in beautiful places in Northern California, offering jobs from Lincoln to Redding, Anderson, Quincy, Red Bluff, Burney, and many more! View the Jobs List from Sierra Pacific Industries. Enjoy hiking,...

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MAIDU SUMMIT CONSORTIUM+1.530.258.2299 Developing plan for First Tribal Cultural Park Restoration Services Provider Chester Ca WebDirecting.Biz

The Maidu Summit Consortium and Conservancy is a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) dedicated to preserving and protecting the lands of their ancestors. The original nine members were comprised of members from Maidu tribes in Lassen and Plumas county who all shared the desire to “protect and steward their traditional homelands”. For 12 years this organization has worked to re-acquire their ancestral lands. They envision these lands being used for education, healing, and ecosystem management. As well as having the lands protected for future generations. Today the Maidu Summit partners with local groups who share their drive to protect these lands. In the past they’ve partnered with the United States, Forest Service, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, Natural Resources Conservation Service, and many others. If you are interested in the projects the group has worked on you can see them here To view photos taken by the Maidu Summit go to There you can also find a trailer for the film, Valley of the Wind about the Lassen/Plumas area and Maidu people. If you are interested donating to or learning more about this organization, you can visit their website at Restoration Services Provider: CULTURAL EDUCATION / CONSULTATION Annual Events: DEVELOPING PLAN for FIRST TRIBAL CULTURAL PARK IN NORTHERN CALIFORNIA. Job Placement: Shop online: Resources  for Maidu Language, History & Traditions: JOIN…Friends of Humbug Valley Clicking the following...

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