Author: Nicole Staniger

Elder: Your Natural Flu Remedy

  By Nicole Staniger CPM, LM When Spring warmth brings life into the sleeping Elder cane, beautiful white lacy flowers speckle this precious and anciently-revered medicinal plant.  While these flowers provide immunologic benefit,  I prefer to sparsely harvest the flowers so the plant can offer up an abundance of berries in the summer months.  My favorite preparation of the Elder Berries is a syrup (though you can also make an effective tincture or decoction as well).  This is commercially sold as “Sambucol syrup” and hit the mainstream as a remedy for the flu after a few important studies came...

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Natural Childbirth At Home

Free Documentary Presentations on At-Home Birth Jan. 20 & 27, 2018 By Nicole Staniger, Midwife on Natural Births: In the past 12 years, I have had the honor of witnessing hundreds of women journey through the childbearing years.  As a midwife, I see my calling as walking with women, supporting them through all the challenges of pregnancy, the difficulties of labor, the joys of delivery, and the waves of postpartum.  This is not my journey, but theirs.  The moment that child is created, a mother is born and she is the expert on her child.  I have been trained, through education...

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