Author: Molly Barber

Life In Technicolor with Lapidary Artist Quinn Street

By Molly Barber Photos by Molly and Quinn “Great Art Picks Up Where Nature Ends” Marc Chagall There is always a deep reverence that stirs within me as I learn about artists. It’s borderline magical to watch someone completely in-tune with their craft; to see their passion and spirit mixed in with the art they create. There is an unseen bond and deep respect between an artist and their medium. This was brought to my attention today as I listened to the interview and reviewed the photos I took with lapidary Quinn Street. I met with Quinn a couple...

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Only The Wild Ones… Our exclusive Interview with Dispatch

By Molly Barber Dispatch. I can remember the first time I was introduced to Dispatch. It was a burned CD given to me by my cousin Neil. It was a mix of their songs, some live, some from their albums and it was amazing. It was so unlike anything I’d ever heard before. And that’s it, I was hooked. I learned every song they’d sung. I committed every lyric to memory. They didn’t just write catchy, up-lifting music, the lyrics spoke volumes to me, words that resonated in my soul. It was a culture that I didn’t know I...

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Chasing Waves At Lake Tahoe

By Molly Barber Photos by Tyler Lapkin There is a certain feeling you get while doing something you truly love. A feeling that encompasses so many emotions it’s hard to describe but impossible to forget. For the wild souls out there, this feeling comes with a blend of fun, excitement, a little bit of fear and it’s addicting. So much so that you are willing to push your body to its limits, withstand the elements, and go against most people’s better judgement. I can’t remember the first time I felt that feeling but I can tell you about a...

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Behind The Music-Kongos

By Molly Barber Photos By Molly & Courtsey of Kongos It’s kind of a rock n’roll rule that bands with an accordion are not too cool, I mean when was the last time you rocked out to an accordion? Well, Kongos are the exception to that rule. The band that consists of siblings Jesse (vocals, drums), Johnny (vocals, accordion, keyboard), Dylan (vocals, bass, guitar), and Danny Kongos (vocals, guitar, bass) definitely know how to rock. The brothers musical inspiration might be attributed to their father John Kongos who was a popular singer/songwriter in South Africa and the U.K. through...

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Riding The Bizz Johnson Trail

By Molly Barber Photos Courtesy of BLM & Molly Like most kids away at college, summer always brought me a welcome sense of freedom; not just in terms of school work but it’s when I got to go ‘home’ to spend the long, warm days in the mountains of the Sierra Nevada. Most summers were spent working at least two jobs but that didn’t mean we didn’t get to have fun too-we always made time for that. Usually my partner in crime, Kyle Sawyer, and I enjoyed spending time in the outdoors. We played frisbee golf daily, went to the lake for swimming and bonfires, quad rides and hiked all over the...

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