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By Dr. Michael Herndon, DDS, AF We all want to have a nice clean smile and the food and drinks in our diet contribute to whether we have healthy, white or yellow-colored teeth with possible tooth decay. As you have heard before, we are what we eat. As for snacks, crunchy fiber-rich vegetables such as carrots, celery, etc. are way better than starchy chips or crackers and sugary snacks are especially harmful. Indeed, it appears that emerging science recommends not worrying about fat so much or counting calories, but to cut out the sugary snacks and carbohydrates. This not...

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New Technology in Dentistry

By Dr. Michael Herndon, DDS, AF How many recall the days when dental drills were run by small string cables over pulleys? We sure have come a long way since those times! When air driven drills running at over 300 thousand rpm came along it was considered a marvel and yet today we have electric drills that go only 40 thousand rpm but have very high torque, don’t squeal like the air ones did, are easier on the ears, and they work much more efficiently. Now we have digital x-rays, computers that we can use to design crowns, and...

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Tooth Sensitivity

By Dr. Michael Herndon, DDS, AF Being the season of the holidays and lots of sweets to eat, sensitive teeth can limit the fun! Teeth get sensitive for a number of reasons such as receding gums, cavities, fractures, and leaking restorations (fillings or crowns). For example, when gums recede, and this can happen at almost age for a number of reasons, the root of the tooth gets exposed. Once this happens it is fairly easy to erode through thin layer of cementum that covers the root and expose the dentin of the root. Dentin is a live tooth structure that has small tubes in it that go from the...

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By Dr.Michael W. Herndon DDS   A recent news story about flossing your teeth suggests that this activity may not be a benefit for people. This is based on an analysis of scientific studies on flossing that do not show that this is necessary helpful (although this same study does state that flossing resulted in less gingival inflammation). The dental profession has been advising patients to floss their teeth for many years so as you might imagine, this really rocks the boat! You have heard the saying “Floss the teeth you want to keep!”    So, what does this...

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Dental Implants For Tooth Replacement By Dr. Michael W. Herndon, DDS One of the most remarkable developments in the history of dentistry is the development of dental implants for the replacement of missing teeth. Imagine being able to place a foreign object into live bone and having the body accept this such that it can support the forces usually applied to teeth! At this point in time, the use of dental implants for this purpose is a widely accepted practice. Multiple thousands of implants are placed in people all over the world. Back in 1982, before I was practicing...

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