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Road Trip- Yurt & Yaks

By Melissa Wynn It used to be that a night or two away came with just a few options, hotel, campground or the guest room of a loved one. Today lodging options are as varied as the folks in search of them and those with the imagination to create unique options. From old airplanes and garden sheds to tree houses and house boats, a place to crash for a few days is evolving into an adventurous experience. On a recent road trip with my trusty companions Molly and Lorraine, I enjoyed an overnight stay creekside near Eddy Mountain in...

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Critters- The Canada Goose

By Melissa Wynn Watching a flock of Canada Geese cross the sky in their distinctive  “V” pattern is a major sign that winter is returning to Mountain Valley Living territory. Their unique honking call bids a fond farewell to our high mountain lakes, ponds and meadows as they head south to the warmer climates of their valley wintering grounds. Some populations do not migrate if they have a stable food supply and a suitable year round climate. Parks, golf courses and farm lands are often very inviting to these opportunistic and sometimes bothersome flocks of feathered friends. These beautiful...

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Antique Shows- Fall 2017

By Melissa Wynn As the leaves begin to change and the kids return to school I am reminded that the time is drawing near for the fabulous antique shows that dot the north state this time of year. Vendors from miles around and even states away gather to showcase their treasures and the consumers can’t seem to get enough. No matter how much we bought last season the antique lover within demands that we go “just to see what’s new.” The fun begins September 30th with the annual indoor/outdoor Fall Festival & Flea Market at Trends Vintage Marketplace &...

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Autumn Quilt Shows

By Melissa Wynn This season’s fun begins with the 3rd annual North State Quilt Jamboree September 29 & 30 at the Red Bluff Community Center 1500 S. Jackson St. in Red Bluff. Doors open Saturday at 9am to welcome guests to browse the quilts, shop and participate in workshops throughout the day. Sunday morning a special lecture will be held at 8:30 am followed by a second day of jamboree shopping and workshops. Both days’ events end at 5pm. Quilters wishing to display their works at the  North State Quilt Jamboree can expect to pay $2.00 per quilt to...

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Fall Decor From Pumpkins, Squash & Gourds

By Melissa Wynn I am always amazed by the artistic crafts that people with creative minds bring into being. This time of year, the farmers markets and fruit stands are brimming with the late harvest of pumpkins, squash and gourds and the crafters go wild. Since these gifts from the garden come in a huge variety of shapes, sizes and colors, the project ideas are literally endless. From carving a simple toothy jack-o-lantern to creating a full barnyard of critters to inhabit your front lawn, it can all be brought to life with your fall harvest favorites. Pumpkin carving...

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