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The Sierra Nevada Red Fox

By Melissa Wynn [media-credit id=1 align=”alignright” width=”500″][/media-credit] The Sierra Nevada Red Fox is so named because it lives only in the higher elevations of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. We have our own fox right here in on the mountain range. How cool is that? These cunning canines of the conifers stay with us in the mountains year ’round although they do make seasonal elevation changes. Summertime may find them at over 6,000 feet elevation, hunting above the timberline while autumn may find them nibbling berries at 4,500 feet or slightly lower. Although it is called a “red” fox, this species has three phases of color. As the name indicates, the red color phase consists of red fur on the head and back with a white lower jaw, throat and underbelly. The black and silver phase does away with the white, having a black base coat with silver tipped guard hairs. The cross phase is as it suggests, a mixture of the other two phases. All three phases maintain the white tip on the always bushy tail and black legs. It is a spectacular golden-eyed creature, regardless of the color of its fur.. When it comes to food, the Sierra Nevada Red Fox isn’t picky. Scavenging for berries and carrion (the decaying flesh of dead animals) works just as well for this sly predator as hunting does. Small birds, chipmunks,...

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Picking Mountain Blackberries

[media-credit id=1 align=”alignright” width=”460″][/media-credit]By Eileen Majors It is once again that favored month of the year for chefs who enjoy the culinary experience of fresh blackberries, hand picked mountain style. The flavor is enormous, the effort sometimes frustrating. Though I have tried many ways to stay clear of the thorns, the truth is berry-stained hands and clothing, along with a few thorns to the fingers, are just part of the deal. Worth it?… You might not think so and I would likely agree with you at first notion but in reality I try to venture out every year just...

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Loafing at Lake Almanor

[media-credit name=”Photo by: Ben Graham  | Mountain Valley Living Magazine” align=”alignleft” width=”300″][/media-credit] Your road trip to the Lake Almanor Basin could take some real time, if you have it. There are several lakeside inns and RV parks all around the lake. As you venture in from the Quincy area on Highway 89, if you keep going straight you will find the west shore resort area with two resorts with cabins, lakeside restaurants, RV spots, boat slips and Majors’ Outpost Boat & SeaDoo Rentals where Joe, John and the crew will be ready to show you a good time. Jared Johnson of Majors Outpost gives country star Chuck Wicks and his friends the low down on riding Sea Doos before they headed out to the Dorado Inn on the east shore. The rental outfit is located under a giant green tent on the beach at Plumas Pines Resort, where it has been for over two decades. There you are going to find all kinds of boats for rent and a ton more fun available on their SeaDoo watercraft. These guys will make you feel right at home while they educate you with the skills needed to master the watercraft of your choice. Choices include everything from aluminum fishing boats to competition ski boats with wakeboard booms. Plush and comfy pontoon boats offer shade and the luxury of swimming and relaxing on...

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Be Fire Wise About Wildfires

[media-credit id=1 align=”alignleft” width=”300″][/media-credit]  Be fire wise about wildfires   By Brian Wilson State Farm® agent   Wildfires are the most destructive natural disaster on Earth. We’ve all seen the pictures. The wildfires that plague our neighboring states, burning up debris and houses that stand in their path … that lash of orange flame that begins as a spark and ends in a fire out of control. If you live in foothills, grasslands or mountains, you are at risk! Each year thousands of wildfires burn across millions of acres of land, mostly west of the Mississippi River. In 2004,...

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Feng Shui Indoors by Jeannie Brovelli

FENG SHUI INDOORS by Jeanne Brovelli, Interior Re-designer La Casa Bella Fine Furnishings According to the ancient practice of Feng Shui, our home tells a story.  It tells about who we think we are and reflects not only our external circumstances, but the inner workings of our minds. The chi is considered the flow of energy in a home or garden. Consider doing this little exercise: you be the chi and do a walkthrough in your home.  You will probably find some very interesting things, as I did when I did this exercise.  Think of yourself as energy flowing and how easily, swiftly, too swiftly, abruptly, disjointedly, gracefully, whatever way … you flow through your home.  This will give you lots of information about how to improve the energy flow and the feel of your home as well. Entryway-  Considered the most important aspect of the home, it is said to speak of the health and safety of those within.  Things to consider: Can you find the entrance easily? Is it too straight of a line leading in- you can add foliage to soften. The doors should open inward. There should be something to define and support the guests arriving, but not blocking the entry. Remember- the chi needs to be able to enter (inhale) easily and then leave (exhale) through a different door.  The windows represent the eyes...

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