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Help to Avoid Foreclosure

      Foreclosure Avoidance Counseling HUD-approved housing counseling agencies are available to provide you with the information and assistance you need to avoid foreclosure. As part of President Obama’s comprehensive Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan (HASP), you may be eligible for a special Making Home Affordable loan modification or refinance, to reduce your monthly payments and help you keep your home. If you need help understanding the Making Home Affordable programs, you can contact a counseling agency in your area that will provide you with free foreclosure prevention services. If you are eligible for the loan modification or refinance program, the counselor will work with you to compile an intake package for your servicer. Foreclosure prevention counseling services are provided free of charge by nonprofit housing counseling agencies working in partnership with the Federal Government. These agencies are funded, in part, by HUD and NeighborWorks® America. There is no need to pay a private company for these services. Help for Unemployed Homeowners By July 1, all mortgage servicers participating in the Making Home Affordable Program will offer extra help for homeowners struggling to make their monthly mortgage payments because of unemployment. The Unemployment Program will offer homeowners a forbearance period to temporarily reduce or suspend their monthly mortgage payments while they seek re-employment. If you are delinquent on your loan payments and need immediate assistance call +1.888.995.HOPE (4673)...

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Buzzard’s Roost Vacation Rentals Graeagle Portola Area

This beautiful area will captivate you throughout the four seasons, fresh, clean, beautifully remodeled cabins. A landing bridge through the pines leads to the Buzzard’s Roost. 2nd level overlooking the Feather River. Full kitchen, bat, 1 flat screen TVs, Satellite, gas bbq, Fire Ring access with firewood. Sleeps 2 – 5. Hiking trails near cabin. Bicycle trails near cabin. Cross country skiing near cabin, fishing near cabin, watch the trains from your deck. Call...

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Aging In Place–Driving

by Nancy Lund To drive or not to drive—that is the question.  When to give up the keys?  How to find other means of getting where we want to go?  These are among the hardest decisions we have to make –for ourselves as well as for a loved one. Let us be clear, we are not talking about aging per se, but about disabilities that may strike us at any age but are often encountered in our later years.  As we all know, driving a car involves not only our personal safety but that of others.  It is a serious matter and worthy of careful consideration. Giving up driving is usually a gradual process.  Many of us find that driving at night is difficult. The lights in back of us, as well as those facing us, are distracting.  So night driving is often the first thing we decide to forgo.  Many of us are comfortable driving about our own town – to the market, to church, to a friend’s home.  But we do not feel confident driving out of town, so we surrender that task to others.  How to tell when it is time for us to give up driving altogether?  Or that the time has come to take the keys from our loved one? The fender-benders and parking mishaps are clues that all is not well.  Of course,...

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