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Learning In The Land Of Ishi

By Melissa Wynn It was the early 1990’s when long time teacher Jack Forester first read the story about the man called Ishi, the last of the Yahi Yana tribe of Native Americans that resided in the wilderness area that now bears the Ishi name. Fascinated by the story, Mr. Forester felt compelled to explore Ishi’s homeland and to share this amazingly educational experience with his students. The Ishi Wilderness is a unique 41,000 acre, low-elevation wilderness located in a remote part of the foothills, approximately twenty miles east of Red Bluff. This is a land formed by wind, water and volcanic eruption, dotted with basaltic outcroppings, caves, and bizarre pillar lava formations. A series of east-west running ridges framed by river canyons...

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Glow-In-The-Dark Golf At Mt. Huff Golf Course

By Melissa Wynn Blessed with a mild Summer climate, the mountain communities throughout the Sierra Nevada provide a wide variety of golfing options for locals and visitors from warmer climates alike. Several choices are available for those looking to enjoy a sunny afternoon knocking balls around the green. But when was the last time you played a round on a cool, clear, dark mountain night? During the months of Summer and early Fall, by the light of the moon, with some LED light bulb support, golfers are invited to do just that at the Mount Huff Golf Course in...

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Pick & Choose Your Produce- places you can pick

By Melissa Wynn The farm-to-fork movement has inspired many of us to get to know our local farmers and see where and who grows our produce. Not only can you gain this comforting knowledge around the valley, several of the local farmers will even let you come for a visit to actually pick the produce yourself. Johnson U-Pick Farm is one such favorite, located at 113 Higgins Avenue between Gridley and Live Oak and welcomes guests Wednesdays and Saturdays from 8am-3pm. Owner Mark Johnson encourages patrons to call +1.530.846.5871 anytime with questions, to get directions, or to request large...

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A&E On The Road to Tahoe – Crystal Bay Casino

By Melissa Wynn Few vistas are as spectacular or as well known around the world as that first glimpse of stunning Lake Tahoe. Late this Spring Molly Barber and I  treated ourselves to not only those unforgettable views of the lake but also to an amazing dinner and Kongos concert at Crystal Bay Casino just ten steps over the California state line at 14 State Highway 28 in Crystal Bay. We took the scenic route through Quincy and Graeagle along Highway 89 since we both love seeing the railroad bridges, St. Bernard rock and the rushing Indian and Spanish...

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Bark Beetles

By Melissa Wynn After years of drought in California, our forests became more and more stressed. The weakened condition of our beautiful trees have made them highly susceptible to bark beetle infestation. The bark beetles currently attacking our forests are all native. These species include the mountain pine beetle, fir engraver beetle, western pine beetle, Jeffrey pine beetle and pine engraver beetles. Under normal conditions healthy conifer (any tree that produces seeds in cones) trees are able to fend off the destructive beetles by producing enough resinous pitch to drown out the beetles trying to enter. Unfortunately their ability...

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