Author: Jan Ramelli

Grey Fox (urocyon cinereoargenteus)

Grey Fox (urocyon cinereoargenteus) By Wildlife Photographer Jan Ramelli    The Grey Fox is fairly common in our area, and those of us who have chickens are certain that they are abundant! They are a smallish canid, standing at about 15” tall, weighing up to 13 pounds.  Their coloring is mostly gray, with reddish below and on the back of their head, and a white throat.  Their ears are prominent (better to hear you with)!    Did you know that they can climb, and they will actually take refuge or forage in trees?    They typically find a den site amongst boulders,...

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Bobcat at Antelope Lake

Bobcat (Felis rufus) By Jan Ramelli, Wildlife Photographer Imagine my surprise, when sitting quietly, photographing one of my favorite places at Antelope Lake, I sensed a set of eyes on me, a beautiful Bobcat!  She was crouched down in the weeds, probably after one of her favorite meals…chipmunks! The Bobcat is only found in North America and is the most common wildcat.  Their description, tracks, and behaviors are quite unique.  Their coloring is tawny, with indistinct black spotting, short tail with black bars, and they have slightly tufted ears.  Their tracks with fore and hind prints about the same...

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American Kestrel

Article and Photos by Jan Ramelli, Wildlife Photographer      My favorite bird, the American Kestrel!  The Kestrel is the smallest falcon in North America.        The male and the female are close in size with the female being slightly larger.  The biggest difference is in the plumage.  The male has blue-grey wings with black spots and white undersides with black barring.  The female has dark brown barring, with the undersides being a cream color with heavy brown streaking.  They both have a white head with a bluish-grey top.     The Kestrel lifespan is relatively short, they typically...

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Golden Eagle

Article and photos by Jan Ramelli    The (Aquila Chrysaetos) is a beautiful raptor that is sometimes confused with an immature Bald Eagle.  You can correctly identify a Golden Eagle by it’s dark brown color with a “light golden-brown plumage” on their napes.  Sometimes in the right light, the feathers will look iridescent giving it the name “golden” eagle. An immature Bald Eagle is also dark brown and is not mature until 5 years when it will proudly display the recognizable white head.  During the maturity process the Bald Eagle will look mottled with lighter colors, and if you can glimpse the underside...

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Common Tern

Common Tern (Sterna hirundo) By Jan Ramelli I joke that photographing this bird is like trying to shoot snowflakes with a BB gun!  I enjoyed watching these birds in the Willow Creek Wildlife area where they fly with their heads pointed down at a right angle to their body; when they spot a small fish or tadpole, they will immediately dive into the water to catch their prey. They lay up to 3 olive-buff eggs in sand, shallow cup of dead grass, or even pebbly beaches or open rocky...

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