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Blueberry Scones

Blueberry Scones *Drizzled with cool jam or warm syrup, these scones are perfect with your morning cup of tea* Ingredients: 1 ¾ Cup Unbleached Flour ¼ Cup Wheat Germ 1 ½ Cup Oats 1 ½ tsp Baking Powder ½ tsp Baking Soda ½ Cup Oil ½ Cup Milk 1 Egg ½ Cup Maple Syrup ½ Cup Sliced Almonds ½ Cup Blueberries Preheat oven to 375 degrees.  Cover a large baking sheet with non-stick foil. In a large bowl combine flour, wheat germ, oats, baking powder, and baking soda until blended.  Next, add oil, milk, egg, syrup, pecans, and blueberries....

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April Fools Day, Fooling Us All

By Melissa Wynn We all know that April 1st is the day set aside for Tom foolery and practical jokes but this fun filled holiday itself may be the best joke of all. I intended to tell the historic origins of April Fools Day, instead I found myself giggling about the fact that no one really seems to know. Ironic, no?  There is a theory that the naughtiness began in 1582 Rome when the Gregorian Calendar we use today replaced the old Julian Calendar. The old calendar began each new year on or near April 1st and the new...

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Pamper Your Body and Spirit at Steamboat Hot Springs Healing Center and Spa

By Melissa Wynn In a charming Spanish Mission type building between Reno and Carson City on US 395, I found a place of healing peace. My sister and I were off for a girls getaway to visit the old west in Virginia City, Nevada and decided that a relaxing day at the spa would be an awesome way to wrap up our weekend. We made a call to the cheerful Executive Director Rita Glover at  Steamboat Hot Springs Healing Center and Spa, we were very happy with the thermospas pricing and ended up choosing “Day at the Spa”  ($167)...

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Road Trip to Virginia City

Visit the Old West at Gold Hill Hotel & Saloon By Melissa Wynn After being cooped up in the house through a seven day series of Sierra snow storms, my sister and I decided to cross the mountain. We were in search of some fun and sunshine in Nevada’s famous Comstock Lode.  It is only about 15 miles from the US 395 exit 57B to Virginia City, but that short drive is like a time tunnel that carries you from the modern hustle and bustle of Reno back more than a century to the simpler times, reminiscent of the...

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Bunny Cupcakes

Bunny Cupcakes Hop on over to the kitchen to prepare these cute as can be cupcakes. Perfect for spring celebrations, Easter, baby showers and birthday parties. I got my inspiration from My Babies Planet, they have your back when you are feeling uninspired. I was sold on first sight, I’m making these cupcakes with all my love. Makes 12 (1 cupcake) servings. Prep Time: 30 minutes INGREDIENTS 1 container (16 ounces) vanilla frosting McCormick® Assorted Food Colors and Egg Dye or McCormick® Assorted NEON! Food Colors and Egg Dye 2 cups flaked coconut 12 unfrosted cupcakes 12 plain donut...

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