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Ringtail Rose

Tamera Jewell of Auburn, Ca rescued this adorable Ringtail after she was knocked from her nest by dogs. Tamera attempted to return little Ringtail Rose to the nest but the mother rejected her. Rose was bottle fed and has been hand raised by Tamera so is friendly with her. It is never recommended to try to keep a wild animal as a pet but hats off to Tamera for saving this elusive nocturnal...

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Mountain Valley Business Blog

Our little areas’ impact on the California and Nevada economies at Christmas time may not be record breaking, but that same impact on the local economy if all the dollars were spent here would be amazing. As you ponder over what to buy this season, be sure to pop your head inside those local businesses and see what they have to offer. Often they have the best products for the area we live in and very often the best prices too! We looked around and found a few things our staff really liked that you might not even know...

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Expanded Susanville Trail System

DELIVERING FALL COLOR AND YEAR ROUND FUN By Eileen Majors   Photos by Joel Rathje – SUSANVILLE RANCH PARK With a fall deadline ahead of me, I chose the coolness of an early August morning to go looking for “Grandmother Apple Tree”. I had seen this giant wild apple tree several years before on a hike with the girls. I headed out to Susanville Ranch Park, home to Grandmother herself, to also check out Susanville’s new, expanded trail system. It looked like she was bound to bear plenty of fall fruit. One look will tell you how this tree...

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California Outdoors Q & A

CALIFORNIA OUTDOORS By Carrie Wilson California Outdoors Q&A columnist California Dept. of Fish and Game Email questions to: Question: My brother and I have two burning questions we have been wondering about. Is it legal to use licorice to fish with as bait? Also, we observed a man with a syringe injecting air into his bait worms so they would float off the bottom. Is this legal? (Marcus O.) Answer: Processed food, such as licorice, are legal under bait regulations for inland waters found beginning in section 4.00 CCR, Title 14. It is also legal to inject air...

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