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A Wild Ride… Butte Meadows Hillsliders

A Wild Ride With The BUTTE MEADOWS HILLSLIDERS By Eileen Majors Ever wonder what goes on in the wild back roads of Nor Cal when the snow piles up? I contacted Tim Adkins, President of the Butte Meadows Hillsliders, just one of the snowmobile clubs in the mountains of northern California, to find out. This adventurous group has a great time riding in the Jonesville Snow Park and they take a great deal of time to make sure others can do so as well. The Butte Meadows Hillsliders are the guys who groom the trails for Jonesville Snow Park...

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Cutting Down the Holiday Tree

By Eileen Majors                     I don’t care whether I am in a tree lot, at a local nursery, or out in the middle of the vast woods, I am way too picky when it comes to finding the perfect tree. I would literally spend days on the project if they let me. Fortunately, my family knows me and they always push me into a choice I am not completely satisfied with. If this happens to you, try not to let them know. I’ve even been known to come home and...

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Wreath Making Ideas

                    Creating a festive wreath is a simple and affordable way to spruce up your home for the holidays. It is also an easy craft young and old can enjoy. Wreaths are a timeless decoration and as versatile as your imagination. There are no rules. Anything you love can be incorporated into this special decoration. Below are a few of our favorite ideas. Bake a wreath of braided bread and decorate with dried and candied fruits and nuts. A Traditional pine bough wreath can be made from the trimmed Christmas...

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Christmas Tea Basket

Christmas Tea Basket *Tea for Two!*                         To Create The Basket Above You Will Need: Large to medium sized Christmas basket or container Smaller basket or container- should fit easily into larger container Wreath (matching the size of your container width) 6- 10 sheets of tissue paper (green or white) 3 small red tree ornament balls (plastic-so they won’t break) Christmas dish towel (rolled up) Loose leaf tea 2 Tea diffusers 2 mugs or tea cups Christmas themed small goodie bag Cookies or chocolate Instructions: Take larger basket...

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Potpourri Christmas Tree

Potpourri Christmas Tree Center Piece *Center your holiday table with three of these trees or use as a single focal point on a shelf               You Will Need: (for a single tree) 1 dowel rod 1 bag of potpourri (Christmas colors: greens, reds, white…) 1 foam cone (size is up to you) 1 bag hot glue gun and glue sticks 1 small glass votive (shaped like a flower pot) 1 can glitter spray Brown acrylic paint Small paint brush Instructions: Heat hot glue gun. Break small dowel rod in half. Stick rod, broken...

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