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Toolin’ Around With J

ROTOTILLING A GARDEN BED Here we are!!!! Welcome back SPRING!!! Visions of green, flowers of all colors and fresh, delicious fruits and vegetables dance in my head!!  So now, let’s put away those winter snow toys and shift gears. If we are going to bring it to life after the winter, we will need to prep the ground. How do we get that soil in tip top shape for that wonderful garden you have been dreaming about!!?? We will start by creating a perfect garden plot! Think about where your garden will be and how large it will be. Then...

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Blowin’ In The Wind, Power!

US Federal Small Wind, Solar & Geothermal Tax Credit- Tax Credit: 30% of cost with no upper limit Expires: December 31, 2016 Details: Existing homes & new construction qualify. Both principal residences and second homes qualify. Rentals do not qualify. source: By Eileen Majors It was a windy northern Reno day when we visited Paul Phillipson and Tim Brown of Planet Safe Systems. Distributors of Windspire® wind turbines, they had a lot of great information on this effective way to produce power. It’s all about the wind and apparently it doesn’t take all that much of it to...

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COLLINS PINE MUSEUM Chester, CA The Collins Pine Museum was opened to the public in May of 2007.  The building was constructed to look like the old sawmill that was operated by Collins Pine Company in Chester from 1943 until 2001.  The post and beam construction inside provides an aesthetic space where the different species of wood grown in this area are featured.  The mission of the Collins Pine Museum is to educate people about Lumbering, Forestry and Principles of Sustainability.  The building contains exhibits on Lumber Grades, Forest Stands, Old Photos and Implements, Branch and Cone Identification, Saw Milling,...

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American White Pelican

By Melissa Wynn American White Pelicans, flying in from their Pacific coastal winter home, are a sure sign that spring has sprung at Lake Almanor. In late March or early April, I begin to spot a few on the causeway just outside Chester, CA on Hwy 36. A stop to look delivers quite an entertaining crowd. Most Pelican species do their fishing by diving deep from the air and surprising their catch, swoop and scoop, every bird for himself. American White Pelicans prefer to work as a group, coordinating on the swim, corralling  the fish with their feet and...

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Ishi Wilderness; Home of the Last Free Native American

Also Read about the last member of the Yahi tribe: Melissa Wynn Photos courtesy US Forest Service Ishi Wilderness, within the Lassen National Forest, offers a rare chance to walk miles in the moccasins of the  man for whom the area is named, Ishi, last survivor of the Yahi Yana people.  This tribe of brave and proud Native Americans escaped invading settlers, living free and undetected in the Deer Creek area for many years. In August of 1911, having outlived the rest of his tribe, Ishi, overcome by hunger and loneliness walked out of his wilderness home. He was discovered,...

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