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Fire Safety – 100 Ft. of Defensible Space

Outdoor Steps You Can Take to Help Make Your Home Fire Safe! Tips From CalFire More Details available from CalFire can be found at Create 100′ of Defensible Space Around Your Home. Landscape: • Create a Defensible Space of 100 feet around your home. It is required by law. • Create a “LEAN, CLEAN and GREEN ZONE” by removing all flammable vegetation within 30 feet immediately surrounding your home. • Then create a “REDUCED FUEL ZONE” in the remaining 70 feet or to your property line. You have two options in this area: A. Create horizontal and vertical spacing...

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Camp Cooking – A Few of Our Favorites!

It is just plain fun when you pull off cooking a delicious camp dinner, usually because it’s a collaborative effort of family and friends who tend to gather for such culinary outdoor adventures, and everybody’s recipes just taste better when you cook them up over an outdoor grill. We picked a few of our favorite recipes that make camp cooking look easy. Okay, so we never said these were low fat recipes! COUNTRY STYLE GRILLED RIBS Choose meaty country style pork ribs, bone-in or boneless. Trim off excess fat. Boneless ribs are easy to cut into serving size sections....

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LOCAL GUN CLUBS               By Jan Cox The spring time signals time for the area’s local gun clubs to begin meeting again. Local clubs serve different types of shooting which can include trap, rifle, pistol, skeet, or sporting clays, depending on the specific club. We found these clubs to tell you about: The Al Hoop Range is the home of the Westwood Rifle and Pistol Club and is located ½ mile west of the junction of Highways 147 and 36 down a dirt road about a mile. Each year they begin in late...

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Toolin’ Around With J

ROTOTILLING A GARDEN BED Here we are!!!! Welcome back SPRING!!! Visions of green, flowers of all colors and fresh, delicious fruits and vegetables dance in my head!!  So now, let’s put away those winter snow toys and shift gears. If we are going to bring it to life after the winter, we will need to prep the ground. How do we get that soil in tip top shape for that wonderful garden you have been dreaming about!!?? We will start by creating a perfect garden plot! Think about where your garden will be and how large it will be. Then...

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Blowin’ In The Wind, Power!

US Federal Small Wind, Solar & Geothermal Tax Credit- Tax Credit: 30% of cost with no upper limit Expires: December 31, 2016 Details: Existing homes & new construction qualify. Both principal residences and second homes qualify. Rentals do not qualify. source: By Eileen Majors It was a windy northern Reno day when we visited Paul Phillipson and Tim Brown of Planet Safe Systems. Distributors of Windspire® wind turbines, they had a lot of great information on this effective way to produce power. It’s all about the wind and apparently it doesn’t take all that much of it to...

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