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Lassen County Travel Guide – NorCal, Locals’ & Visitors’ Guide to Lassen County

Find more information by visiting these trusted websites: Lassen County Chamber • Westwood Chamber • Local Bus Service • Lassen National Forest • Bureau of Land Management Please Bear With Us… as we finish linking many more photos and articles on Lassen County Adventures and on the Shops and Services in our Business Corner!  Please also visit Visit Westwood. This historic logging town for fun shopping and great food! It is the Town Paul Built, with giant statues of Paul and Babe the Blue Ox. Visit the museum and Visitors’ Center.Find more.   View Ancient Petroglyphs – Lassen County. Ancient civilizations have left their mark in Lassen County. Come see what the ancestors of the Maidu, Paiute and Pit River tribes left behind. Read more. Fort Sage OHV Park – Lassen County. A 22,000-acre off-road vehicle park awaits you! USDA Bureau of Land Management manages Fort Sage for off-road vehicle fun. From beginner trails to most difficult hills, all riders will be challenged. Read more.   Coppervale Ski Area – Seasonal ski hill opens as snow permits. Enjoy this quaint, small-town ski hill catering to skiers and snowboarders. A Poma lift takes skiers up. A shack with a wood stove and big sunny porch welcomes skiers.      ...

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Growing Vegetables At Higher Elevations

By Chuck Majors MAY – A good time to start your small garden. Due to the short growing climate and conditions, you can start with winter crops that tolerate frost and light snow: onions, lettuce, beets, cabbage, carrots, broccoli, brussel sprouts and peas. Most winter crops you can grow all summer. Indoors, start your (June 15) summer crop in small containers. JUNE 15 – You can put out your summer crops like tomatoes, peppers, squash, cucumbers and bush beans. These plants should be started inside on May 1st to be ready. Due to the short growing season in the area,...

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Holistic Eating Doesn’t Mean Organic

  By Nicole Staniger, Quiet Earth Provisions   I am convinced that eating McDonald’s at home with your family around a table would be healthier for you than eating a grass-fed organic burger while driving by yourself.  Now, I am not a proponent for eating fast food of any kind, but I would like to convey that eating holistically involves a lot more than what you’re putting in your mouth. Most Americans have accepted a problematic view of food and eating.  We are conditioned to think that nutrients are the most important thing about any food.  The existence of...

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D.I.Y. Wedding Tips

By Eileen Majors Catering is one of the largest costs for many couples today.  Remember that options are endless for this part of the wedding. And doing it yourself or with the help of family and friends will really slash that cost, but it will take a host of volunteers who know what they are doing to pull it off. I got lucky at my wedding as one of the best cooks in the whole family, my brother-in-law Chuck, jumped to the occasion of offering his services.  He barbecued and sliced 12 tri tips, made 5 gallons of baked...

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