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Understanding Food Labels

By Nicole Staniger CPM, LM         If you have read my past articles, you know that I am no friend of the “Expert-driven” food economy that we have in America. But, the reality is that most of us have a hundred voices in our heads telling us to be wary of Gluten, sugar is bad for us, some fats are good, and if we eat fortified foods, we may get the minerals and nutrients that our body needs to be healthy. Since the various experts don’t agree, we end up being confused and removed from our...

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Getting Moving

   Even in the quiet mountains and valleys of NorCal, life can get pretty hectic. Drop off the kids. Prepare that report for the boss; lunch with colleagues, back to work, pick up the kids; now, what’s for dinner? Life can deliver more than our share of stress and confusion if we let it.    Every day we all deserve a little peace and quiet, time just to relax and reflect, in a place that is calm and totally away from the stress of the day. Perhaps your desire for peaceful meditation is coupled with one to build strength,...

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Vitality Yoga, Red Bluff (530) 351-4698 | 658 Rio St. Wellness Studio

Vitality Yoga | Red Bluff | 530-351-4698     Vitality Yoga & Wellness Center is at 658 Rio Street in Red Bluff and has been serving clients since 2013. Proprietor/Instructor Natalie Gould-Peterson offers classes for Therapeutic Yoga and Yoga for Real Life, as well as Transformative Wellness and Holistic Healing. Classes and workshops are available.     Class schedules include a Gentle Strength & Stretch class from 10 am to 11 am on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Yoga For Real Life classes are held on Wednesdays from 5:30 to 6:30 pm. Classes are just $5.     Whole health consulting and privately-booked group classes are also available. You can reach Natalie by calling +1-530-351-4698 or by emailing her at . Clicking on any photo below will redirect you to their Facebook page.  Gentle strength & stretch 10-11am Tues. & Thurs.  All classes only $5  Yoga for real life 5:30-6:30pm Wednesday             ...

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Art With Ashlee-Sunflower Door Wreath

1. Supplies: 12-inch Metal Wreath Frame, Plastic Mesh Yellow and Green, Wired Burlap Ribbon in Brown, Pipe cleaners, Zip-ties, 1 sheet of stiff Plastic Canvas, scissors, measuring tape or ruler, and a sharpie 2. Cut yellow and green plastic mesh into pieces. For the green leaves, I used 11x10 inch pieces. For the yellow petals, I used 10x10 inch pieces. You will need 12 of the green pieces and 48 of the yellow. Don’t stress if they aren’t exactly the same the mesh is hard to measure and cut. Just get it as close as you can. 3. Starting...

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Tank’s Feelin’ Kinda Wild

     Ok, I know, I see it on the TV all the time; don’t feed your dog grains and corn, (blah, blah, blah, blah, blah). So then Mom is always going into Treats at Milwood in Susanville or on the Lake Almanor Peninsula, and  Lassen  True  Value  in  Westwood,  where they gave her a sample of new food for me. Okay, can I just say that Mom’s research on healthy dogs has already taken away my ice cream and cookie privileges, caused me to get a new shot every year, and now I get my nails trimmed!! What’s...

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