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Thrive Through the Holidays!

By Pastor Todd DuBord, Mt. Lassen Community Church For the decade I worked as the Chaplain for Chuck Norris, I had a variety of duties.  I traveled with him to war zones in the Middle East and wounded warrior hospitals around the planet to encourage U.S. troops. I also assisted him in his research for his two syndicated columns: a culture warrior column and his C-Force health & fitness column. Every year around this time, a barrage of research material would come out about “How to Survive the Holidays.” Much of it was literary fill and fluff, but some...

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Easy Holiday Granola

Green pistachios and red cranberries give this great gift for the healthy a colorful holiday flair! Ingredients  3 cups oats (organic old fashioned preferred) 3/4 cup sliced or chopped pistachio (sliced almonds are easy but do not look quite as festive.) 3/4 cup raw sunflower seeds 1 cup dried cranberries 3 Tbsp. healthy cooking oil (For this, I like organic coconut oil.) Solid coconut oil needs to warm up a bit. (I place the jar in hot water then pour out what I want to measure.) 1/4 cup + 2 Tbsp. honey 1/2 tsp. salt (fine sea salt preferred)...

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Gingerbread Man Cookies

They are tender in the middle with crispy edges. Great for eating but not for building. Ingredients 3 cups flour 2 teaspoons Ground Ginger 1 teaspoon Cinnamon 1 teaspoon baking soda 1/2 teaspoon nutmeg 1/4 teaspoon salt 3/4 cup (1 1/2 sticks) butter, softened 3/4 cup firmly packed brown sugar 1/2 cup molasses ( I prefer dark) 1 egg 1 teaspoon Vanilla PREPARATION Mix flour, ginger, cinnamon, baking soda, nutmeg and salt and set aside. Beat butter and brown sugar  until light and fluffy. Add molasses, egg and vanilla; mix well. Gradually add flour mixture until well mixed. Divide...

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My Favorite Holiday Tradition

By Cheryl Holmes My favorite holiday tradition is our family’s individual Christmas ornaments.  It started when our mother and father carefully selected an ornament for our first Christmas.  Every year thereafter six new ornaments (one for each child) were selected for our tree.  Mom carefully dated each so we would recall when and where we were while looking back at the ornaments. My father was in the Air Force, active duty until he retired and settled down in Citrus Heights, California.  I have ornaments from Taiwan, England, South Carolina, Michigan and of course, California.  When I moved out of...

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