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Buying Organic – Tastes Like You’re Cooking in Great Grandma’s Kitchen

   It is always a treat to meet a real, old-school cook. You know the ones I’m talking about, the ones like your great grandma. While making it seem effortless, they prepare an entire meal from scratch. There aren’t a lot of fancy recipes or special ingredients either; just the basics, the same kind of stuff you would find on a farm. Fresh grown produce,  grass fed beef, real “meat and potatoes” cooking.      The less you buy, the simpler it all becomes. Fresh meats, chicken and fish, accompanied by fresh dairy, real grains, flour, potatoes and other...

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Holiday Cookies for ME?

By Tank      It’s holiday time again and I kinda like it. Lots of get-togethers, lots of food and lots of kids. Eh.. they’re okay to play with but what I really like is all the food they throw down. The little ones drop it and the big ones hand it over willingly, whatever they’re eating, even cookies. I know my mom is getting things ready to make cookies. She does it every year. She gives them away to everyone else in the family, but she gives me zero! And then all of a sudden I can smell...

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Try Shopping Locally – Help Make A Difference in Your Community!

   Most of us can remember a time not that long ago when stores, cafés and fun shops lined the streets of the small towns across the Sierra Cascade region we enjoy.  Over the years, sadly, we have seen many of those merchants disappear.    With recent trends in increased online shopping, small town retailers are facing some of the biggest challenges ever. The good news is that every penny we all spend locally will make a difference in the vitality of our business community and help stimulate the economy in the place we call home. So get out...

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Meadow Valley Botanicals- Goat’s Milk Soaps, Lotions & Potions

By Melissa Wynn    When Wendy DeOcampo first got her mini Lamancha goats her plan was to get some goat’s milk and maybe make some cheese. Mini Lamancha goats are a cross between a standard Lamancha and a Nigerian dwarf. This popular mid-sized breed is recognized by the Miniature Dairy Goat Association  (MDGA) and is a favorite for first time goat owners. These adorable little goats with tiny ears are well known for their docile, even temperament and a steady production of fairly high butterfat milk which Wendy would learn makes a lovely soap. The lactic acids in goat’s milk...

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Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes

1) Roast the garlic 1 whole small bulb of garlic 1 tablespoon olive oil Peel most of the paper off of the outside the clove. Cut the top off of the head exposing the cloves inside. Drizzle the olive oil over the exposed cloves. Wrap the oiled clove in foil and roast in a 400° oven for 40 minutes. Open the wrapping and continue baking until the centermost cloves are soft. 2) While the garlic is roasting prepare the potatoes Peel, cube and rinse 8 large Yukon Gold potatoes. Cover with water in a large pot, salt generously and...

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