Author: Christy Milan

Yoga Can Benefit Your Adventures

By Christy Milan The mountains and streams call out for you to come and search out your adventure. The streams beckon to the fishermen and the waters entice swimmers and boaters. The valley hosts events and festivals, while the mountains entice you to explore. There are many activities to enjoy here in Northern California. However, at times the spirit is willing but the body may question your decision to hike the trail, go fishing or enjoy the many other activities this area has to offer. So how do you help your body get back to its vitality? Try yoga!...

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4 Tasty & Nutritious Smoothies

  By Christy Milan In the North State, we have wonderful farmer’s markets that supply many fruits and vegetables. This gives locals and visitors alike a chance to taste what a real strawberry or tomato should taste like. It also provides the opportunity to create some healthy and tasty treats using fresh ingredients right here in Northern California. One of the many ways to enjoy this harvest is by blending up a smoothie. The color of smoothies can vary by ingredients added and sometimes they may look unappealing. Looks are deceiving and sometimes you may miss out on taste...

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7 Ways to Fight Inflammation

By Christy Milan According to, Acidifying Foods and Inflammation, nutritional research has developed a theory that separates foods into three groups. These three groups are weak acid, alkalinizing and acidifying. The foods go into a category depending how they affect the body. By the recent research posted on, it seems that the general thought is that acidic foods and some alkaline can cause the body to produce acid which in turn leads to inflammation. Inflammation in the body is a healthy response to trauma and is beneficial to healing. Inflammation that is long term is your body’s...

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Dirty Dozen / Clean 15 Fruits & Vegetables

By Christy Milan The weather in Northern California is giving way to a beautiful spring. The outdoors calls for us to explore and enjoy. You can find Rodeo’s, Pet Expo’s, Wine Tasting and of course the yearly Norcal Boat Sports and RV Show, just to name a few. These events make it a great time to pack up a lunch or a few snacks and head out to the many activities that our region offers.  Fruits and vegetables are a wonderful way to enjoy the season and get the energy you need for your adventure. Unfortunately, pesticide residues can...

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Get Toasty with these Warming Spices

By Christy Milan The outside cold can bring a bodily chill that feels like icicles are hanging from your bones. The cold rips through leaving vibrations of the chill deep within your muscles. Aches and pains become more cumbersome and you feel like old man winter, or old woman winter for that matter. Jack Frost has taken up residence and will not be leaving for some time. How  to melt that chill and get toasty is a  priority. Turning to spices as a chill breaker leaves you with many options and perhaps unexpected health benefits. Spices have many healing properties such as the ability to be anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal. They are also...

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