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Access Adventure: Challenging the Limits of Disability

By Grayson Sorrels “Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul.” John Muir Michael Muir, great grandson of John Muir has lived with multiple sclerosis since he was 15 years old. Refusing to be daunted by the relentless course of his disease, Muir believes in challenging the limits of disability. In 2001, he led an international team of people with disabilities, driving wheelchair accessible, horse drawn carriages on a 3,000 mile, ten-month journey across America to Washington DC. The extraordinary experiences of...

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“Maintaining Green” Fall Landscape Projects

From Matt and Jamie at SIERRASCAPES Landscape Design Now that the summer sun begins it slow departure into winter, it is once again time to consider those late summer and fall landscape projects. The following suggestions will hopefully save you a few bucks and some time in preparation for next years landscape season. If you have been contemplating contacting a Landscape Contractor, now is the best time to do so. During the slower fall months, landscape contractors traditionally have a little more time to devote to meeting new clients and assisting in landscape design. The meeting is also a...

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Tooling’ Around with J – Installing a New Ceiling Fan

Hi! I am sitting here in my beautiful office watching out the window and wondering, “When did it get sooo hot???” It seems like it took forever, but here it is! Now, I mention my beautiful office because I spend a LOT of time here and love my office. But, I find myself wishing I had air conditioning, or maybe a ceiling fan? Are you feeling like me? Could you use a ceiling fan in a beautiful, but very warm room? Why don’t we both install one today? A fan is such a good choice. Not only does it...

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PEACE OF MIND with FreezeAlarm… FreezeAlarmTM will actually dial three phone numbers when it identifies a potentially dangerous home temperature according to Louis Benny of Almanor Energy Plus. Often times their local company is able to fix the problem before the homeowner ever knows there is a problem. Homeowners can also reset and change the thermostats themselves by phone . Don’t forget to roll up those hoses before freezing temperatures come. Be sure to get all of the water out of the hose first so it doesn’t freeze and crack this winter, even in the shed. Also, that sprinkler...

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SALUTE: Cal Fire Lassen Modoc Unit

    CalFire.….“Giving Back” You can’t miss Trent “Trentman” DiMauro if you visit Merrill Campground at Eagle Lake while he and his family are there on vacation. Trent is a 16-year old young man with a contagious smile, bright eyes and a loving spirit. Trent faces the challenges of cerebral palsy, which is why you’ll see him moving about the campground in his motorized chair; but he certainly doesn’t let that stop him from making friends and changing the lives of those he meets. In fact, the group that vacations at Merrill Campground has grown over the years as...

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