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Critters- The Canada Goose

By Melissa Wynn Watching a flock of Canada Geese cross the sky in their distinctive  “V” pattern is a major sign that winter is returning to Mountain Valley Living territory. Their unique honking call bids a fond farewell to our high mountain lakes, ponds and meadows as they head south to the warmer climates of their valley wintering grounds. Some populations do not migrate if they have a stable food supply and a suitable year round climate. Parks, golf courses and farm lands are often very inviting to these opportunistic and sometimes bothersome flocks of feathered friends. These beautiful...

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Critters- The Great Horned Owl

Photos and Articles by Jan Ramelli This beautiful bird is more common in our area than one might think. Once you begin to look for the signs they will pop out at you often. A friend of mine, Paul Whitcome, told me about this particular nest and I began to photograph it at least weekly!  It has been a wonderful experience to get up before dawn so that I can be ready for them to return to their nest and watch the male and female raise their two owlets. In the winter and early spring, before the trees began...

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Critters – Wood Ducks

The male Wood Duck is arguably the most beautiful of America’s water fowl and certainly ranks among the most interesting. The stunning scarlet circle around the eyes against the glimmering green crown make this dazzling fellow quite the dapper duck. A brilliant white stripe from the eye leading back to the crest add an even more distinctive decoration to this gorgeous guy. Iridescent wings of blues and greens trimmed in white make him equally irresistible in flight. Like in most bird species the female Wood Duck is much more subdued in her appearance. She does however have a few...

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Bella Vista Farms Courageous Care For Critters

Bella Vista Farms Courageous Care For Critters By Melissa Wynn Photos by Carla Jackson    Every now and then you meet a special person that truly is determined to make a real difference in the world. Chic Miller of Bella Vista Farms is one of those people.    Since 1989 this amazing lady and her husband Bob have dedicated their lives to rescue, rehabilitate, and provide a safe and healthy environment for over 300 domestic and barnyard animals. Being a retired nurse gave Chic the perfect background to properly provide her courageous care for these critters that would have...

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Critters Winter Pantry, Prepared With Plenty

By Melissa Wynn Did you ever wonder how our furry and feathered forest friends survive the snowy Sierra winter? We like to have the freezer and pantry stocked when the snow begins fly, and so do many of our local critters. The act of animals storing food for winter is known as hoarding or cacheing. Just like people shop and store their food differently so it goes with creatures as well. Some, like our local Gray Squirrel, bury their stash of collected nuts and acorns underground in several locations. Scientists dub this behavior “scatter hoarding”. A wise plan, if...

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