Old Mill Cafe

When Sabrina Sanders started work at the Old Mill Cafe in 2009, she knew she loved it. She loved her customers, her co-workers and the small community lifestyle.
When Jason Theobald decided to sell the restaurant, she knew she wanted it. She didn’t want to ever see it go away, and she didn’t want someone new to come in who didn’t know the business. Jason began training her on the workings of the restaurant, showing her how to make the homestyle recipes, place the orders and run the kitchen. Her husband Brett, being in construction, assessed what needed to be done on the building. Together, they decided they wanted to buy it; they were sure.
By February 1st of this year, they would officially buy the Old Mill Cafe. Sabrina loves her new business; it’s easy to see even as she describes the challenges she’s faced during the transition. When I asked her what she wants her customers to hear in this article, she quickly responded, “that they’re amazing!” Her genuine appreciation and enthusiasm for her business was evident as she went on to tell us more. “All the recipes are still the same and so are the employees,” she said, “with a few additions to replace the Theobald family’s help around the kitchen.” The Old Mill Cafe in Westwood is open seven days a week, Monday through Saturday from 7 am to 7 pm, and Sundays from 7 am to 2 pm.
Stop by and welcome Sabrina as new owner. As she moves forward with plans for the future, she looks forward to seeing you.

324 Birch St. Westwood • 530-256-3180