Tipi Wedding Themes

By Melissa Wynn

Photos courtesy of 2 Feathers Tipi

Today’s wedding themes have become as diverse as the people getting married. One new popular addition to many outdoor wedding decors is the nostalgic tipi. Some couples rent just one and use it as the preparation area for the bride and her party when the wedding is in a remote outdoor location while others are choosing to house the bar and lounge inside the tipi lending a historic ambiance to the celebration.

wedding tipi 2Most popular is the photography backdrop. Like those pictured, some couples rent several tipis and use them simply to enhance the beauty of their wedding photos. These amazing photos provided a stunning backdrop for a wedding held at the base of the Grand Teton Mountains. Set across a babbling stream from the ceremony, day photos were backed by this meadow filled with roaming horses and night photos showcased the tipis professionally lit and glowing like lanterns beneath the moon.

Tipis are available for rent throughout the United States in several stationary locations. A quick internet search in your area might find a tipi camp near by. Tipis for delivery to your venue of choice (fees apply beyond 50 miles of Lake Almanor) are available through 2 Feathers Tipi. See their ad on this page for contact information.