By Melissa Wynn

On a warm Autumn day in October, I was out and about with my friend Lorraine for her birthday. During our day we had spotted a little place called Meeho’s Mexican Restaurant at 6808 Skyway Road in Paradise. It was a short walk from our motel and the outdoor dining area reminded us both of a trip to Cabo we took together several years ago.  We were starving after a long day of hunting for treasures in the antique shops so we went in to check it out.

Assistant Manager Esmerelda Rivera greeted us at the ordering counter with a bright smile. The indoor dining Meehos Managerarea is small at this local’s favorite, decorated in the bright colors often associated with Mexico. Even so, it was quite busy for a Sunday night at nearly 8:00. Spicy aromas filled the air and happy chatter revolved around the delicious homemade tortillas. Chef Royce, dusted in flour, had his hands full, keeping them coming, hot and fresh off the grill. Several customers ordered a dozen to take home on their way out the door. Their famous two- pound grande burrito was another popular choice but certainly more than I could eat at one sitting.

Crispy, light, warm and salted, fresh tortilla chips began our meal with a variety of salsas from the salsa bar. When it comes to spicy, I enjoy choosing the level of heat for myself. At Meehos it’s all up to you, red, green or orange, mild to hot-hot.

I was tempted to order a mango smoothie but in the end, refreshing, icy cold lemonade won us both over. Beer, wine and margaritas are also available at this festive little eatery.

Making TortillasFor decades, Lorraine and I have enjoyed dining out together andRolled Tacos share very similar tastes where food is concerned. So on that night, like many others, we decided to order two items and share both. Rolled shredded beef tacos for Lorraine and shredded beef Meehos Enchiladasenchiladas for me was our claim at the counter. But, being on her toes, Esmerelda overheard our conversation and delivered an extra empty plate along with our order so we could share. The outdoor patio was inviting with it’s calm breeze and Baja Mexican decor, relaxing and just what we had imagined it would be.

As we shared the super crunchy rolled tacos, juices from the succulent shredded beef demanded extra napkins be close at hand. The rice was perfectly spiced for my taste but our Royce Making Tortillasneighboring table kicked theirs up a notch with the fiery orange sauce from the salsa bar. Some like it hot. Meeho’s homemade tortillas make amazing enchiladas. Mild sauce and melting cheese kept me nibbling at my plate long after I knew I was full. Full or not, we couldn’t resist the homemade flan. It was a creamy and sinful treat that we enjoyed later back at the motel.

All the traditional Mexican favorites from delicate flautas to chubby chimichangas are available at Meeho’s along with their outdoor grilled specialties. Juicy tri-tip and smokey charbroiled chicken and wings are fresh daily. The flavors of the grill are unmistakable. Drop in on the friendly staff and sample a taste of Mexico next time you are in Paradise. Breakfast, lunch or dinner, the homemade tortillas are calling.